QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0144

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Chapter 144: Must Start Worrying For Her Life

After getting Ning Shu’s call, nurses and doctors arrived pushing a hospital bed. When they saw Xiao Yan standing at the door with a swollen face and his knees pressed together in pain, they ignored all his protests and forced him onto the bed, saying that they were going to bring him to the surgery room.

Ning Shu wondered maliciously whether Su Meng would still want Xiao Yan after his man parts were removed.

Then she felt a bit of pity. If only she could cultivate the Unsurpassable Martial Arts in this world. If she could, her strength would be much greater and she would’ve been able to cripple him with a single kick. One slap would have also been enough to give him a concussion.

After arriving in this world, she had tried practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts once she felt a little better, but it hadn’t been successful.

Each world probably had its own set of rules. Just the thought of a person jumping from roof to roof and scaling walls in a world with cars and technology didn’t seem very realistic. Moreover, there wasn’t enough spiritual energy in this world to cultivate either.

“Ran.” Madame Su looked at Ning Shu worriedly. “Won’t Xiao Yan hate you even more if you do this? Are you planning to push Xiao Yan towards Su Meng, that wretch?”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I know what I’m doing.” Inwardly, Ning Shu laughed. It wasn’t like she was in love with Xiao Yan and in addition, the original host didn’t request for her to get Xiao Yan back, so there was no reason for her to silently endure these insults.

Madame Su saw that Ning Shu seemed calm and showed no trace of having gone mad from pain, so she said, “For better or for worse, you should keep up surface efforts. Your father-in-law and mother-in-law will be unhappy with you if you treat Xiao Yan this way.”

Her existence was a mistake in itself, so no matter what she did, Xiao Yan’s parents would be unhappy. Now that they had two precious grandchildren, the original host Su Ran was completely in the way. The only reason they didn’t have Xiao Yan divorce her yet was because they wanted to give the Su family face.

However, the title of Young Madame of the Xiao family was now just an empty title.

“You’re leaving the hospital tomorrow. Are you planning to go back to the Xiao family home or the Su family home?” asked Madame Su. She thought for a moment, then said, “Right now, that wretch Su Meng is currently in a strong position since she gave birth to two of Xiao Yan’s children. Why don’t we go home for now? There’ll definitely come an opportunity to sort out that wretch. Right now Xiao Yan is very interested in that wretch, but once his interest fades, that’ll be our chance to strike.”

Ning Shu shook her head and said, “I’m the Young Madame of the Xiao family, so naturally I have to go back to the Xiao family home. Once I go back to the Xiao family home awhile, I’ll go back to the Su family home. There’s something I need to discuss with Dad.”

If the storyline wasn’t wrong, right now the Su family was collaborating with the Mu family. However, during a certain project, the Mu family caused the Su family to go bankrupt.

This had been Xiao Yan’s scheme. The reason he schemed against the Su family was due to the loathsome existence of Su Ran and to get revenge for Su Meng’s parents. As the male lead, of course he had to get justice for the woman he loved.

And with what she had just done to him earlier added on, Xiao Yan probably itched to eat her flesh and drink her blood.

Since she had plucked the tiger’s mustache earlier, it was a must to start worrying for her own life. She should just kill Xiao Yan off.

Tsk tsk, that was no good. It was too violent. Ning Shu felt that she was a very gentle person, how could she let Xiao Yan die that easily?

Moreover, killing someone was against the law. This wasn’t the ancient era where human lives were practically grass. The original host probably didn’t want to be a killer either.

Ning Shu thought some more. En, if Xiao Yan lost his current status and no longer had the capital to be arrogant, she’d like to see how he could still have a drama-filled love affair with Su Meng that ended in a happy marriage.

It must be known that all the romance was built on money. Normal people spent most of their time trying to earn enough money to keep themselves alive, how could they possibly have the time and money to waste on acting romantic?

Would Su Meng still choose to stay with a Xiao Yan that lost his halo and had to rush about to secure his daily meals?

Perhaps she would. After all, it was true love.

And so, Ning Shu decided to first focus on preventing the Xiao family from taking over the Su family, and if possible, also make the Xiao family collapse.

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