QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0143

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Chapter 143: Almost Like You’ve Fallen For Me

Unexpectedly, although Xiao Yan was a man, he had very nice skin. It was very soft and smooth. As Ning Shu slapped him over and over again, she got a very good feel of how smooth and slippery his skin was.

When one hand was caught by Xiao Yan, Ning Shu could only resort to focusing on dealing damage to the other side of Xiao Yan’s face. After just a little while, the other half of Xiao Yan’s face swelled up. It made a sharp contrast with the handsome half of his face.

Xiao Yan slowly turned to look at Ning Shu, his eyes filled with malevolence. “Good, very good, hiss…” Xiao Yan had been trying to intimidate Ning Shu, but when he spoke, he tugged at the injury on his face and it hurt to the point tears filled his eyes.

Xiao Yan was about to go crazy from anger. When he saw that Ning Shu was about to slap him again, he used the hand that was originally protecting his crouch to grab Ning Shu’s other hand. He gripped both hands tightly as he shouted, “You bitch!”

Ning Shu sneered. If she couldn’t use her hands, she could still use her feet. So she quickly sent another kick towards his crotch.

This kick practically made Xiao Yan’s eyes pop out from pain. He fell to the ground, covering his crotch and screaming. His forehead was covered with sweat and his veins bulged.

Ning Shu flexed her wrist. The wrist that Xiao Yan had crushed was completely bruised.

She watched Xiao Yan roll on the ground coldly. He really was useless trash. In the last world, Ning Shu had wanted to give He Lianying a descendants-exterminating kick the entire time but had never managed to succeed. Both of them were men, but Xiao Yan seriously was a weak chicken.

“Ran, are you alright?” Madame Su had watched all of this from the side. When she saw her daughter act this way, she thought that her daughter had been driven insane by Su Meng and Xiao Yan.

Ning Shu shook her head. “I’m fine Mom.” Then she walked to the bed and pressed the button to call a doctor over.

“Nurse, there’s a patient whose balls just got broken. Please hurry here to save him,” said Ning Shu calmly.

When Xiao Yan, who was still in extreme pain, heard what Ning Shu said, he glared at her with his bloodshot eyes. That sinister expression matched with his swollen pighead of a face was a hilarious sight.

“You haven’t had enough?” Ning Shu lifted her eyebrows as she looked towards Xiao Yan. Then she lifted her leg and said, “I can add another one.”

“Su Ran, you’ll regret… you’ll regret provoking me!” Xiao Yan’s words were broken up because he had to keep inhaling due to the pain. After he finally got those words out, he got up, leaning against the wall for support, and walked out with his knees pressed together.

There was no way Xiao Yan would get a check up on such an intimate area in this sort of hospital. Otherwise, the headlines in tomorrow’s news would read: the chairman of the Xiao Clan Corporation could no longer do it and had to see an andrologist. He couldn’t afford to lose this face.

Every step pained Xiao Yan to the point his body involuntarily trembled and his back became covered with sweat. Even his face muscles spasmed from the pain, which tugged on his swollen cheeks and added on more pain.

“Su Ran, Su Ran…” After Xiao Yan made it out of the sick room, he turned around and forced out this name through gritted teeth.

Ning Shu smacked her lips, then said, “The way you’re acting almost makes me think that you’ve fallen for me.”

Xiao Yan immediately started coughing violently. “Su Ran, you’re shameless!”

Ning Shu shrugged, completely unconcerned. Who in the world was more shameless than you? You’re the one that’s the most shameless.

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