QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0171

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Chapter 171: Offered the Position of the Female Master of the Xiao Family

Ning Shu looked at Su Meng who was kneeling in front of her. Su Meng’s expression was filled with hurt and helplessness as if she was suffering a lot.

“Su Ran, I know you hate me, but Xiao Yan has nothing to do with this. I’m begging you, please save Xiao Yan. If you’ll save him, I swear to never appear in front of him again.” Su Meng’s expression was completely that of ‘she was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of love, and was choosing to endure suffering herself in place of the person she loved.’

Ning Shu: …

She had no words to say, she seriously had no words to say.

Su Meng’s face streamed with tears as she continued, “As long as you promise to let Xiao Yan off, I’ll agree to break up with Xiao Yan.”


Master Xiao also knelt down in front of Ning Shu. The flesh on his face was twitching as if he had just suffered some great humiliation as he said, “Please let Xiao Yan out. If you do, in the future, you’ll be the female master of the Xiao family and Xiao Yan won’t ever divorce you.”

When Su Meng heard this, she collapsed on the ground with an agonized and despirited expression.

Jesus ah. As of now, what benefit was there in being the Xiao family’s female master? Not only was the Xiao family currently penniless, Xiao Yan was now a criminal.

Even the parents of the Xiao family had nowhere to go, so what was possibly attractive about the position of the Xiao family’s female master? Why was Master Xiao still so self-confident? Did he really think other people cared about his son?

Ning Shu didn’t bother responding and just called Li Xiuwen.

Li Xiuwen soon arrived. When he saw Su Meng kneeling on the ground, he hastily helped her up and asked, “Are you alright?”

Su Meng shook her head, still crying. “I’m fine. I’m just really worried about Xiao Yan.”

When Su Meng said this, Ning Shu saw Li Xiuwen’s face contort for a moment before it was restored to its usual gentle and considerate expression.

Was it really a good idea to bring Xiao Yan up in front of Li Xiuwen? Was it really alright for Su Meng to provoke Li Xiuwen this way?

It was fortunate for her that Li Xiuwen could endure it.

Ning Shu said to Li Xiuwen, “Tie up your family’s dog properly instead of letting her run wild, alright? Look crazy she’s already getting.”

Li Xiuwen didn’t say anything and just left with Su Meng, who was still crying, and Su Dabao, who had a dark expression on his face.

Master Xiao had been kneeling this entire time. He was already quite old and had knelt for a long time, so his legs were now completely numb. When he saw that Ning Shu paid no attention to him, his face started contorting. From the start it was humiliating for a father-in-law to kneel to the daughter-in-law, and with Master Xiao’s arrogant personality, this was practically an incomparable humiliation.

That was why, though Master Xiao was kneeling, he was glaring at Ning Shu with loathing and hatred in his eyes.

Ning Shu found it unbelievable. Even a normal person wouldn’t consider helping Xiao Yan when faced with Master Xiao’s attitude. If you were going to beg someone, you should at least maintain the right attitude.

However, Ning Shu did get Xiao Yan out. It was letting Xiao Yan off to easy to have him stay in jail for two years. What if Xiao Yan’s scumbag aura activated inside the prison and he ended up obtaining n number of disciples? He’d end up becoming the boss of a crime syndicate by the time he came out.

It must be remembered that Xiao Yan was this world’s male lead, his luck was strong enough to send him to the sky ah. It was best to take advantage of this time while Xiao Yan had nothing to get him out, then take steps to ensure that he would never have a chance to make a comeback.

Ning Shu used quite a lot of money and connections to get Xiao Yan out. She looked at Xiao Yan who was currently in a prison uniform and bald. His handsomeness had decreased by quite a bit. It just went to show the importance of a good hairstyle.

However, Xiao Yan’s eyes still contained an arrogant, despotic expression. Ning Shu had no idea where his sense of superiority came from.

When Xiao Yan saw Ning Shu, the first sentence he said was, “Su Ran, you malicious woman! I won’t fall in love with you even if you save me.”

Ning Shu: …

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