QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0148

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Chapter 148: Another One Lost to the Mary Sue Halo

“After getting married, your duty is to support your husband and educate your children. Your place is in the home, don’t mingle in business matters,” said Su Bo. “Take care of your body. Only the child you give birth to will be the real successor to the Xiao family. Su Meng’s children are just illegitimate children; they won’t be able to shake your position.”

Ning Shu’s heart sank a little. She hadn’t expected Su Bo to be so obstinate and to not believe her at all. Could it be that the Su family being swallowed by the Xiao family really was an inescapable fate?

Ning Shu thought for a moment, then felt that she had been too impatient. The business between the Xiao family and Su family has always been good and no problems had ever occurred, so it was normal that Su Bo didn’t believe her when she suddenly said that the Xiao family was planning to harm the Su family.

Su Bo probably thought that she had brought this up because she had been too emotionally hurt from losing her child and the appearance of Su Meng, this love rival.

Ning Shu felt that it was necessary to find evidence in order to convince Su Bo, but at the same time, she shouldn’t put all her hopes on the Su family.

She finally understood how the Su family ended up completely collapsing so quickly. It was because Su Bo trusted the Xiao family too much and never imagined that Xiao Yan would make the Su family go bankrupt with one move.

“Ran, will you be having lunch here?” Madame Su asked Ning Shu. Ning Shu shook her head. She had already achieved today’s goal. “I won’t be eating here.”

Ning Shu then warned Su Bo seriously one more time. “Dad, in a little while, the Xiao family will start developing a plot of land. I hear that it’s a government plan, so they’ll definitely have the Xiao family participate as well. This will probably be the project in which Xiao Yan moves to attack our family. Perhaps I’m overthinking, but Dad, it’s best if you watch out a little.”

Although the route of relying on the Su family wouldn’t work, there were still other routes available. This brief interaction was enough for Ning Shu to see that Su Bo looked down on women a lot. In addition, since she had already gotten married, she didn’t really count as a member of the Su family anymore.

Su Bo was probably inwardly angry that she came back to try and make the two families enemies.

Ning Shu thought about it and felt that it was pretty meaningless to stay. She had come back to warn him with good intentions, but he didn’t appreciate it at all. She was just about to leave when Su Ran’s younger brother came back.

Su Lan was currently in college. When he saw Ning Shu, he greeted her with a call of ‘big sister.’ Then his gaze shifted towards Ning Shu’s stomach and he said, “Sis, don’t be too hurt. Children are just too young to know any better.”

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes slightly. How had they put it? It was an accident? Ning Shu looked at Su Lan. Su Lan looked quite similar to Su Bo. He was wearing a white shirt and looked very refined. He was probably one of the handsomest boys at his school.

“Who was the one that told you Su Dabao didn’t do it on purpose?” Ning Shu knitted her brows as she continued looking at him.

An expression of disagreement appeared on Su Lan’s face. “Cousin Su Meng already explained to me that her son didn’t do it on purpose. Sis, you’re definitely hurt since you lost your child, but you shouldn’t blame the incident on a little kid.”

These words were practically saying, even if you want to frame someone, you shouldn’t frame a kid.

Inwardly, Ning Shu tilted her head back to roar towards the sky: it’s another man that is kneeling to the Mary Sue halo ah! Why did men kneel so much beneath the Mary Sue halo? Why did they fall to being cannon fodder so much? Ning Shu could feel twinges of pain coming from her heart. Her own younger brother didn’t believe her and instead, was actually taking Su Meng’s side and speaking for her

The original host had been very angry with her younger brother, but also helpless against it, so it just made her hate Su Meng more.

However, there was only one thing Ning Shu felt which was: could she whip this brat?

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