QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0159

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Chapter 159: Broke Through the Last Defense Line

Su Meng and Xiao Yan’s feelings quickly heated up and they finally broke through the last defense line and tumbled together. Meanwhile, Ning Shu, this legal wife was living by herself in a large house that was so empty her voice echoed when she spoke.

However, Ning Shu expressed that it was very comfortable. As long as those two didn’t go at it in front of her, she could pretend she didn’t know anything.

When she saw Li Xiuwen’s pitch-dark expression, her heart filled with schadenfreude.

Ning Shu had only experienced two worlds before. In one, she had luckily managed to encounter Psycho, the school doctor uncle who was also twisted a genetics researcher. In the second world, she just used her status as a princess and her whip to resolve all the problems.

She had yet to experience trade war, so she participated fully in this scheme to make the Xiao family collapse. She was taking advantage of every opportunity to learn.

If she had the ability to establish a trade empire on her own, she wouldn’t have needed to go through the trouble of collaborating with Li Xiuwen, this damned supporting male lead. That was why, Ning Shu felt that she had to study hard.

Li Xiuwen didn’t seem pleased to see Ning Shu. When he saw that she seemed completely unconcerned, he couldn’t help but say, “Your husband is having an affair, why aren’t you doing anything about it?”

Ning Shu looked at him in disbelief. So what if the person you like slept with another person? What use was it for you to get angry with me?

“Didn’t I already tell you to hurry up? Based on how fast their passion was growing, it’s normal that they would end up sleeping together. If there’s a first time, there’ll be second time. There’ll be a lot more times in the future, so you should just get used to it.” Ning Shu consoled Li Xiuwen.

At the start, Su Meng couldn’t accept Xiao Yan. Although she had already given birth to two of Xiao Yan’s children, she still acted very reserved. If Xiao Yan wanted to successfully progress with her, he definitely had to deepen their feelings.

The living room, the sofa, the kitchen… They were all places for them to grow their passion.

Ning Shu consoled Li Xiuwen while looking at him as if she was looking at a slow-poke turtle.

Li Xiuwen didn’t feel comforted. On the contrary, his expression became even more unsightly and he looked towards Ning Shu with disbelief, “Your husband is together with another woman, yet you’re still…”

Li Xiuwen didn’t even know how to describe Ning Shu anymore. He rapped the table, vexed. “You love your Xiao Yan so much that you don’t even care about him being with another woman?”

Love what? She loved Xiao Yan? Even an idiot could tell that she didn’t like Xiao Yan, alright? Could it be that no matter what she did, it had to be related to love? Why didn’t they accuse her of taking a fancy to the Xiao family’s money?

Alright, fine. Right now the supporting male lead-sama has already been driven crazy by the recent events, so she just said, “You should hurry and make your move. Otherwise their feelings will just grow and… you know.”

Ning Shu lifted her brows towards Li Xiuwen in a vulgar manner.

Li Xiuwen took a deep breath then pointed towards the door. His voice was low and deep as eh said, “Scram…”

Ning Shu flipped her hair back and left happily. When she got back to the Xiao family home, a servant told her that there were people waiting for her in the living room.

When Madame Su saw Ning Shu, she forced a smile and asked, “Ran, have you been well?”

Ning Shu smiled towards Madame Su and replied, “Yes, I’ve been very well.”

Ning Shu hadn’t gone back to the Su family home even once since last time when she hit the original host’s younger brother. Her actions seemed to imply that she had no intentions to have any more dealings with the Su family.

Yet they had suddenly come to look for her. It only took Ning Shu a brief moment to realize it was because of the collaboration project. They had chosen to believe in Xiao Yan over her, their daughter, so what was the point in looking for her now?

She’d answer: there was no use at all.


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