QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0161

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Chapter 161: Uncle Isn’t Like Her Ah

There were so many idiots in this world that Ning Shu almost felt the impulse to destroy the world. When she heard Su Lan’s confident accusation, she felt completely speechless.

It was seriously a twisted world. Ning Shu expressed that she couldn’t stand it.

People who always place themselves above the common populace and never had contact with society lived such ignorant and willful lives.

“Dad, I can’t do anything about this matter so you guys should just head back. Don’t you still have some money on hand? It should be enough to make a comeback.” The current situation was already much better than that of the original storyline, yet he still wasn’t satisfied. All that could be said was that people truly were too greedy.

“See Dad, just like I said…”

“Shut up. You’re not allowed to speak, otherwise I’ll beat you until you can’t even talk.”

The moment Su Lan opened his mouth, he was cut off by Ning Shu.

Su Lan glared at Ning Shu with anger and fear in his eyes, but Ning Shu paid no attention. In her opinion, Su Lan wasn’t a man at all. He didn’t have the sense of responsibility that a man should have and was of the same sort as Xiao Yan.

When Su Bo heard his daughter refuse again, he couldn’t maintain his expression either and glared at Ning Shu. Just as he was about to leave, a servant shouted, “Master and Madame have come back. Hurry up and come welcome them.”

In just a few moments, two neat rows of servants that stretched all the way from the entrance to the living room were formed. It was such an extravagant display.

Master Xiao was the first to get off the car, then Xiao Yan came down while carrying Su Xiaobao and Su Meng got out while holding Su Dabao’s hand.

The family of six slowly walked in, stepping on the luxurious carpet. Master Xiao’s aura was dignified while Madame Xiao was graceful and poised. Xiao Yan was carrying a little princess in a pettiskirt and his handsome features served to complement the sweet innocent beauty of the little angel. They looked like a perfect painting.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. They sure were good at acting cool. Then she shifted her gaze onto Su Meng. Her face was soft white with a little bit of a flush. She looked as if she was walking on clouds. It seemed like Xiao Yan had pampered her really well.

When Xiao Yan saw Ning Shu in the living room, disdain, loathing, and disgust immediately appeared on his handsome face.

When Su Meng saw Ning Shu, a trace of discomfort flashed across her face. However, she steadied herself by telling herself that she and Xiao Yan were truly mutually in love. Xiao Yan didn’t love Su Ran.

“Hello, in-laws.” Su Bo greeted Master Xiao and Madame Xiao cordially.

Master Xiao only lifted his eyes slightly to glance at Su Bo, then said mildly, “I apologize for the lacking reception. The children just left the hospital and needed people to look after them.”

Su Bo’s expression stiffened but he forced out a smile. “Yes, the children are more important.”

Su Lan looked towards Su Meng and asked, “Cousin, are the kids alright?”

Su Meng immediately gave him a sweet smile that contained a bit of lingering fear mixed with relief as she said, “They’re fine now. Come here, call uncle.” Su Meng called the two children over.

Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao obediently called, “Uncle.”

A smile appeared on Su Lan’s face. He was clearly very moved as he said, “You guys can’t fall ill again in the future, got it? Look how worried you guys made your mother.”

Su Xiaobao snuck a glance at Ning Shu, then said in her innocent childish voice, “Uncle isn’t like her ah.”

At the side, Ning Shu was speechless. It was seriously unbelievable.

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