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Starting Regular Updates

It’s only been about 5 days since I’ve started translating the series and I’ve already made a lot of plan changes. I’m really sorry if it’s confusing, but it’s because I’m on break. Whenever I’m not playing a game, watching a movie, out somewhere, I’m working on this series.

So I’ve decided to change a couple things that I feel like will be beneficial for the survival of this project longterm.

TL;DR: I’ve decided on a regular schedule of 5 chapters a week. Patreon goals and rewards have been changed to reflect that, regular updates will be moved to isohungrytls. Now if you’re actually curious about the details, read all the way to the bottom. Next section is about addressing some FAQs that have come up about the series so far.

Is there romance in this novel?

I’ve read 2000+ chapters and I’d say no. Not even a slowly growing romance. There are couples in the realms the MC visits, but as I’ve warned, this novel takes a very cynical attitude towards love. So if you’re tired of those female lead and male lead get together and are undefeatably lovey-dovey novels, this is the novel for you, at least for quite a long while, as there is not even a hint of a romance so far.

Is this going to be a depressing story?

Hell no, you’ll see. The MC doesn’t really get OP (except in one arc so far), but she does start obtaining skills bit by bit and get a better hang of her job. This story doesn’t dive into a lot of psychological stuff, but there are plenty of things to consider about the world if you take a step back. Or you can just roll with the waves and enjoy the humorous ride.

Development is too slow. Why bother showcase the background?

I find this story more interesting than other quick transmigration stories because the author seems to make it a point to make each world unique and have the MC gain some sort of insight in each world. (Though the insight is not necessarily something that should be considered a moral.) Since I’m translating it chapter by chapter, it might seem that the development is slow. (It definitely seems slow to me as I inch along translating.) But in the bigger picture, everything actually flows quite smoothly. (Experience when I first binged through this series.)

Of course, it means a lot to me and is a great motivating factor to see all of you following this series chapter by chapter, but if it’s too irritating to only get a bit of the story each chapter, by all means take a break. I only ask that before you make a final judgement about this novel, give this story a second chance and read through it once a couple arcs have been translated.

So here are the next chapters:

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

They are linked to isohungry but if you’d like to read on butterflycurse, the first 20 chapters are available by either expanding the sidebar, or clicking on the table of contents.

Details for the changes and some whys.

Schedule: 5 chapters a week.

I’ve decided to start with more chapters per week than originally planned in order to keep the story progressing at a faster rate. The number 5 is so that you guys can all have something to wake you up on the weekdays~

Patreon Goals + Reward Changes.

My goals on Patreon have been changed to reflect the new starting schedule. Most of the reward tiers have been removed leaving only the first tier which allows for early access to the week’s chapters and access to dekachapters for binge-reading. The two are actually one and the same. Once I finish translating the week’s chapters and editing them, I’m going to immediately post them in ‘dekachapters.’ Currently, the Patreon + website integration doesn’t seem to be working, so I’ll be posting the dekachapters on Patreon as well. Also, the rest of the reward tiers are for advanced chapters, which I currently don’t have. I’ll announce the addition of each new tier as soon as I’m ready to offer them.

Regular Updates Moved to Isohungrytls and Dekachapters on Butterflyscurse

I’m the type of person that likes to plan, but also likes to dive right in. So I bought this website on discount, ignored the high renewal fees, made it all pretty, got the project going, then was like, ok, what am I going to do 1 year from now? After messing with the website for a few days, I decided that I wasn’t going to expand butterflyscurse and encourage other translators to host their projects here, nor did I want to add ads, so the only option to gain ad rev would be to host on a different site.

Then came the dilemma of what butterflyscurse would be used for if the project was already being hosted on a different site. And after a lot of deliberating, I’ve decided to make it an ‘ad-free place for patrons to binge-read,’ aka a pretty place to showcase my projects.

The fact that I couldn’t access the site to update for a while on Thurs just added another factor of support for this decision. When the site crashes, all I can do is wait, pray, refresh. Hosting on a larger site should be more stable? I may be wrong, but I haven’t encountered isohungrytls crashing so far. In addition, compared with the other sites I’ve clicked through, this site barely has any lag and the style of the website is simple and cute. If I hadn’t been going through a dark elegance phrase, I would have made my site cheerful and cute like isohungry too.

So I hope you guys will like the new site and that the changes aren’t too irksome. Thank you for supporting thus far and I hope you will keep supporting all the way until this series is completed!

*Psst* If any translator wants to hop onboard, email me~~ There is no way I’m going to be able to translate thousands of chapters all on my own without taking at least a decade.

1.21.2018 The Patreon integration plugin isn’t working so Patreon rewards will simply be posted on the Patreon page. As for this site, I might move releases back to it after the project gets self-sufficient enough that I can pay for better hosting. Iso is great, but there are still some stuff I can’t mess with as I please since it’s not my own site. Anyhow, I just finished translating the first arc! I’m looking forward to reader reactions~ XDXDXD

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