QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 2735

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Chapter 2735: Yet He Himself Decayed

How could he live for so long? He had a fricking needle in his brain!

Cheng Fei would often give himself massages. He managed to live perfectly well among a bunch of lunatics.

Ning Shu suspected that the fine needle in Cheng Fei’s brain had ended up encased by growth in his brain.

Otherwise, how could he live for so long? However, it did become increasingly hard for him to move. In his later years, he could only lie in bed.

His head always hurt, especially when it was windy or rainy. The pain was worse during bad weather.

Despite all this, Cheng Fei persisted and lived.

Sigh. He had sanctimoniously wanted to prevent others from going through the experience of decaying, yet he himself decayed.

Ning Shu expressionlessly closed the screen. She didn’t want to look at Cheng Fei’s face anymore.

She didn’t even get to obtain a world origin in that world and had to deal with a lunatic the whole time. She still felt exhausted.

Ning Shu got out of bed. She planned to visit the fabricated space for a stroll and a big meal.

She stood at the passageway to the fabricated space and an instant later, she was in the ancient and picturesque fabricated space.

Ning Shu walked on the bluestone slabs, slowly heading towards a restaurant.

There were a lot of task-takers in the fabricated space. This place gave a sense of security since there were a lot of people who were like her here.

Here, task-takers finally no longer felt alone.

With her hands folded behind her back, Ning Shu slowly walked while looking at the items on the stalls along the way. When she encountered some cute little things, she would spend some points to buy them.

She got some pretty trinkets for decorating the system space.

After all, as long as the system space didn’t run into any issues, it would be home for her for the foreseeable future.

Ning Shu wanted to allow herself to live as comfortably and happily as possible.

In each plane, she was living someone else’s life. However, here was her life, so she wanted to live happily.

Ning Shu walked into the restaurant and this time, she ordered some relatively expensive and delicate dishes, then started eating leisurely.

As her ability increased, Ning Shu gradually found that the fabricated space contained some sort of rather powerful substances and that she was able to absorb said substances.

So as she ate, she absorbed this energy.

It made sense though, that the fabricated space contained such powerful energy since it was man-made.

Hence, Ning Shu tried to slow down her pace of living. She tried to eat slowly, read slowly, and walk slowly, more thoughtfully.

To cultivate herself and also work hard to become stronger.

Once she rested enough, she would have to continue working as if her life depended on it in the next task.

Until the day came that she could control her own destiny and not have to face being eliminated at the drop of a hat.

Even now, with just a few words from others, all her efforts could turn to ashes.

That was why she was determined to become an existence that others could not easily deal with.

After Ning Shu finished eating, she went to a shop and bought some tea leaves. Actually, rather than tea leaves, it was more like a type of spiritual herb that was beneficial to the soul.

Now, while she was reading, she could have a cup of tea that was emitting wisps of white steam beside her. Ning Shu felt like she was practically radiating elegance and refinement, wahahahaha…

As expected, shopping was the best way to relieve stress. Ning Shu bought a lot of miscellaneous items.

To be on the safe side, she exchanged for some more upgraded protective talismans.

She got three of them.

This was in preparation for if any further issues came up with the system space and she couldn’t exchange for anything again.

She could forgo other things, but she had to have these life-saving items on hand.

2333 made her feel so uneasy.

It felt like something else was bound to go wrong again.

Ning Shu then wandered into the black market, intending to take a look inside.

But when she found out that the entrance fee required extracting a trace of her soul origin, Ning Shu immediately gave up.

The soul origin was even more important than soul power. As long as one still had their soul origin, even if one lost all their soul power, they still had a chance at reincarnation.

Without the soul origin, they would have nothing.

Although it was just extracting a trace, Ning Shu was still very much against the idea.

She rolled her eyes. What was so great about the black market? She’ll pass.

But what if the black market had a world origin? Ning Shu stopped in her tracks again, hesitating as she looked at the black market.

However, even if it did, she couldn’t afford to lose her soul origin.

Ning Shu hammered her chest a bit as she watched people enter and exit the black market.

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