QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 2737

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Chapter 2737: 2333 Used to Be a Human

There was a saying that went, “Evil has its own way of dealing with evil.” Ordinary people weren’t the only ones who could become task-takers, even some people who were different from the norm can become task-takers.

But the thought of Cheng Fei having become a system still made Ning Shu unsettled, even if his memories had been erased.

Becoming a system meant the person would have their memories erased. Ning Shu couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person 2333 used to be and what experiences he had gone through.

After finding out that 2333 used to be a human, Ning Shu felt even more trolled.

She used to think that 2333 was surprisingly intelligent and was a life form beyond her imagination, but he turned out to just be a human.

What a troll.

Recalling the stupid things 2333 had done in the past and her poor self, Ning Shu really felt like wiping at her streams of bitter tears.

“Is it possible that Cheng Fei won’t have his memories erased?” Ning Shu asked, still uneasy.

2333 said, “Do you really think Cheng Fei is that powerful? That there’s no one in this world that can suppress him? The higher-ups aren’t higher-ups for no reason.”

Ning Shu felt slightly reassured.

Forget it, things were already like this. She had nothing much left to lose anyway, so there was nothing to be scared about.

Once she became powerful, no one could do anything to her, not even ten Cheng Feis.

Bring it on!

Ning Shu then curiously asked 2333, “Have you never thought about recovering your memories?”

“No, I’ve never thought about it. The past is in the past, what good would remember it achieve?” 2333 said indifferently.

Ning Shu applauded. What a carefree take on things! She felt that whoever 2333 had been before he became a system was probably a rather dumb person as well.

Ning Shu picked up the teacup from the ground and cleaned up the surroundings.

Then she continued reading her book.

While at it, Ning Shu pulled out the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. The golden lesser seal script on it was getting darker, exuding a majestic aura.

As she held the Unsurpassable Martial Arts in her hand, she felt a continuous flow of fresh vitality.

The wood attribute world origin filled the world with vitality.

She only had one world origin so far. When would she be able to find other world origins?

After experiencing so many worlds, she still only encountered just one world origin.

World origins were seriously too hard to find!

Their forms were not fixed, there was no fixed chance of encountering them in any world.

Ning Shu put away the Unsurpassable Martial Arts and looked at the black hole on the wall.

She also didn’t know when this black hole would finally disappear.

How much longer would it take for the two pearls to merge?

Ning Shu no longer even hoped to create something earth-shattering by merging them, she just hoped that no more problems would arise.

Please just don’t blow up the system space again!

Ning Shu brewed a cup of tea and then continued reading. There would definitely come a day when she’d have resolved all the people and things that made her uneasy.

Perhaps when she truly became powerful, no one would be able to shake her resolve anymore.

The system space was silent, with only the sound of Ning Shu flipping through the book.

When she finished reading, she said to 2333, “Let’s start the next task.”

Ning Shu prayed in her heart that this time, she would encounter a world origin.

The fact that she hadn’t been able to get any more world origins for such a long time made her somewhat uneasy.

Why couldn’t these worlds create more world origins?

“Alright, get ready for the transfer.” As soon as 2333 finished speaking, Ning Shu felt her head spin.

When she woke up, she opened her eyes and saw that she was currently lying in a bed. There was another bed next to hers. From the looks of things, this was a hotel.

It was even a relatively cheap budget hotel.

Another person was sleeping on the other bed.

At this time, the sky was just starting to brighten up. The girl next to her turned over, facing away from Ning Shu.

Translator: Kaho

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