QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1783

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Chapter 1783: We Have Enough Leverage

The group traveled all the way, almost like beggars, and finally reached their destination.

This was a deserted village where the insurgents were living for the time being. Two flags were stuck at the village entrance, waving freely in the wind. They were dazzling under the scorching sun.

The village was not far from a town. If they wanted, they could attack the town at any time.

Chen Li said nervously, “Little Sister, will they take us?”

“Yes, the more people there are, the more momentum you can create. Don’t worry. We have enough leverage on our hands” Rebellion depended on the numbers and morale. Acting at a small scale wouldn’t serve to achieve anything significant.

“Who are you?” Someone shouted at them from the entrance of the village.

Chen Li saluted with cupped fists and yelled back, “We are refugees. We killed the officers and soldiers who were escorting us. We are here to seek aid from the general.”

The leader of the rebel army was born in a military family. His family was framed and killed by corrupt officials right at the time that this natural disaster struck. So, fueled by his rage and the desire for revenge, he took advantage of this opportunity to gather people and rise up.

“Wait here.” The man ran into the village.

Ning Shu, holding the horse reins, stared at the entrance.

The group was quiet, and the atmosphere was a bit solemn. Only the occasional sound of horses snorting could be heard.

Chen Li’s face was full of sweat. His cheeks were twitching, and his breathing was a bit out of sync. He was extremely nervous.

It didn’t take long for people to come out of the village, and there were quite a few of them.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes and said to Chen Li, “Big brother, get off the horse. Let’s go take a look first.”

“You all wait here. Ermei and I will go and check out the situation inside,” Chen Li said to the people behind him.

Then, Ning Shu and Chen Li walked towards the group of people at the village entrance.

When the two sides met, Chen Li was so nervous that he even forgot how to walk. The poor guy was swinging the same arm as his foot. He turned his head to glance at his little sister’s face, which was so serene. He could only take a deep breath to calm himself down.

Chen Li didn’t know how his little sister was so calm, cool, and collected. No matter what she did, she did it without expending any effort, unlike him, who was always flustered.

Ning Shu cupped her hands towards the leading man. Chen Li quickly followed her example.

“Greetings, General Liu,” Ning Shu said.

General Liu, the leader of the uprising army, said curiously, “How did you know that my last name is Liu.”

“Who in the world doesn’t know you?” Ning Shu took the opportunity to flatter the man.

General Liu shook his head amusedly. He said, “If you say it like that, I’m afraid they’re all calling me a traitor.”

He had handsome looks. As he was born in a family of generals, he was well-built and had a toned body. However, dressed in coarse linen with straw sandals on his feet, he did not look like the supreme commander of an army.

Ning Shu shook her head. What was wrong with his get-up? Sometimes, if you overdo your acting, it would be counterproductive.

Did he want to show to the world that he shared the people’s suffering?

Of course, Ning Shu would not say anything.

“General Liu, this is my elder brother, Chen Li. This group is led by my brother and this humble woman.” Ning Shu introduced Chen Li to General Liu. Chen Li quickly cupped his fists in salute. “This humble one greets General Liu.”

“Good, good…” General Liu smiled candidly. “Once you join us, we will all be a family. There’s no need to act like strangers. We must work together to survive in this troubled world.”


Ning Shu watched from the side. General Liu’s expression was a bit contradictory, and his smile was mixed with worry. He was obviously concerned about food and livelihood.

“Ermei, shall I call them over?” Chen Li asked Ning Shu, who nodded and said okay.

General Liu raised his eyebrows and said, his tone hinting at something, “You are the leader of this group?”

Ning Shu shook her head. “I’m just benefitting from my brother’s brilliance.”

Translator: Take

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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