QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1704

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Chapter 1704: A Shadow Flashed Past

Ning Shu took the flashlight and said, “Let’s go.”

“It’s the big one,” said Liu Manman.

Ning Shu: …

She brought Liu Manman to the courtyard and said, “Do it here.”

“I want to go to the toilet.” Liu Manman’s face burned.

“Do it here. The toilet is too dangerous. Bury it with snow after finishing.” Ning Shu shook her head.

It was impossible to imagine what this yard would look like after the snow melted.

Shit, piss, and corpses.

Liu Manman had no choice but to relieve herself in the courtyard.

“There’s someone.” Out of the corner of her eye, Ning Shu saw a shadow covered in black flash by.

Ning Shu grabbed Liu Manman’s clothes. She didn’t go after the black shadow, which was obviously trying to lure her away.

The uncle stood in the doorway and asked Ning Shu, “What did you see?”

“A shadow flashed past,” said Ning Shu.

The uncle turned around and went into the house. On the other side, Liu Manman was embarrassed and red in the face. Her ass was still on full display.

After tidying up, Ning Shu and Liu Manman went into the house. Liu Manman continued squatting in the corner.

Ning Shu noticed that everyone was in the house; no one had gone out. It meant that in addition to the people in the house, there were others.

“Advisor, is it possible that Pan Chen isn’t dead?” Ning Shu said to Uncle, “And Pan Chen’s body is missing.”

“There are two people missing,” said the uncle.

“Who said the people in the house couldn’t leave?”

Ning Shu: …

So, things were still going nowhere. Ning Shu asked, “At the very least, the people in the hall didn’t go out.”

“Oh…” The uncle hooked the corners of his mouth.

Ning Shu: →_→

Was he mocking her?

Ning Shu looked at the room of the old woman and Xiao Lan. As Xiao Lan was blind, the two of them were sleeping together.

It was possible that the room had a passageway that could lead to the outside.

She must find a chance to enter their rooms and check things out.

Ning Shu glanced at Fan Junyang, who was sleeping against the wall with a red thread around his neck. Ning Shu turned her head and noticed the scalpel in the uncle’s hand. She asked, “Can you lend the knife to me?”

The uncle glanced at Ning Shu and handed her the surgery knife.

Ning Shu took the knife, carefully lifted the red rope around Fan Junyang’s neck, and cut it off. She then carefully pulled out the pendant.

Fan Junyang’s body shifted. He seemed to be waking up, so Ning Shu hurriedly put the pendant away.

“Thanks.” Ning Shu returned the scalpel to the uncle and looked down at the pendant in her palm. It was an ordinary pendant with a simple stone. The stone was round and had an inexplicable pattern painted on it.

It was very abstract. Ning Shu couldn’t make out what it was.

The uncle extended his hand towards Ning Shu. She gave the pendant to him.

“Wipe it clean, and then give it to me.” The uncle didn’t accept it.

Ning Shu: …

Such annoying problems. Why was he still like this in this sort of situation?

Ning Shu wiped the pendant on her own clothes before handing it to the uncle. Even if the top was wiped, bacteria still existed.

The uncle took the stone and studied it. He then hooked his lips into a smile. “This is good stuff.”

Ning Shu thought back to the books she had read. They didn’t introduce anything like this?

“What is this?” asked Ning Shu in a small voice.

“If I said that this thing can bring back the dead, would you believe it?” said the uncle with a raised eyebrow.

Ning Shu immediately asked, “What kind of treasure is this?”

“Not telling you.” The uncle put the item away.

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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