QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1780

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Chapter 1780: She Would Be Sure to Pay These People Back

It was very hot now, and escorting the drafted people was an arduous task. Basically, only people who were pushed out to the front by their colleagues were chosen to do this kind of chore.

These officers and soldiers used these people to vent their anger when they were upset. They would whip at every chance. Even the well-behaved Ning Shu was given a few whips.

Seeing that she was struck, Chen Li was about to retaliate but was stopped by Ning Shu. She was only lashed a few times. In the future, she would be sure to pay these people back.

Some people, who could not bear it, tried to escape, but they were all caught. They were tied to the horses and dragged until they died.

Yet, these officers and soldiers were still smiling proudly, using military force to keep the disobedient people in check.

Chen Li was so angry that Ning Shu saw his exposed arm muscles throbbing several times, looking like he was about to kill.

Ning Shu calculated when they would arrive at the dike and what time to strike.

She definitely wasn’t going to go repair any dike.

It was unknown how long they had walked, but Ning Shu’s shoes had worn out. Not only were the conscripted people starting to get restless, but these officers and soldiers were also abnormally jittery.

Every day, they had to be in charge of so many people and watch their every action. If these people had to go to the toilet, they had to follow.

These officers and soldiers gradually focused their attention on the women in the crowd. They wanted to use these women to vent their pent-up emotions.

When it got dark, the officers and soldiers would sleep in camps, while the drafted could only feed the mosquitoes outside. Ning Shu had medicine though, so the mosquitoes would not bite her.

“Little Brother, save me…” A female’s mournful voice sounded. Ning Shu turned her head to see two officials dragging a woman.

Her younger brother was not an adult yet. His face was filled with horror and fear as he kept calling for his sister.

Chen Li stood up abruptly. Ning Shu didn’t stop him this time. Counting the days, they had been out for half a month already. They were far away from home.

She also saw a lot of refugees on the road recently. They were clearly not far from the destination.

So many refugees were dying from starvation, yet instead of giving these nearby refugees work and food to feed themselves, they were escorting people from thousands of miles away to repair the embankment. Were these people even using their brains? Was there any benefit to this?

Ning Shu grabbed Chen Li, who immediately said, “Little Sister, I can’t bear it anymore. They want to defile this woman. It might be your turn next time.”

Ning Shu smiled slightly. “Kill them all. Also, instigate the people to kill all the officers and soldiers.”

Chen Li was taken aback. “Little Sister.”

He just wanted to teach the officers and soldiers a lesson, but he didn’t expect his sister to be even more ruthless than him.

Ning Shu handed her dagger to Chen Li and said, “Brother, if we don’t resist, we will be the dead ones. Once we reach the dam, there will be no future for us.”

“After killing these officers and soldiers, we will join the rebel army.” Ning Shu said, “We have been out for a while, and the speed of our journey was not slow. We should be hundreds of miles away from home.”

Information in ancient times was seriously lagging behind. Even if something happened on the road, it would take a long time to discover.

One side thought that they had reached the dam, and the other side thought that they were still on the way. Their moment of opportunity was the time in the middle.

Besides, these villagers were worthless. They could just get more people if they were gone.

“Sister, I…” Chen Li’s severely tanned face was filled with struggle, and his face trembled.

Chen Li was sweating profusely. If he really did this, a road with an unknown future would lie in front of him. He would definitely be walking on the edge of a cliff.

“Didn’t you want to fight in a war?” asked Ning Shu.

Chen Li’s body was tense, like a taut bowstring. He said in a low voice, “But, this is a rebellion.”

Ning Shu said, “The current court is like a tree hollowed by termites. No matter what, it can’t escape its fate of destruction. The world is in disorder. We’ve reached the point where without destruction, there can be no construction. It’s time to overthrow and re-establish a new order.”

Translator: Take

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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