QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1701

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Chapter 1701: Red Rope

Ning Shu noticed the red rope on Fan Junyang’s neck. She had seen it on Xiao Lan’s neck before.

Upon careful thinking, it most likely was a coincidence. Since she hadn’t seen the pendant, she could not tell if the two people were related.

Fan Junyang wiped his face. He couldn’t bear to look at the body on the ground, whose face was deeply cut by the ax.

“I want to leave. I don’t want to stay here.” Fan Junyang’s eyes were red, as if he was about to cry.

The others also had panicked expressions. They couldn’t help but curse when they saw the club members dying one by one, and in such a brutal manner at that.

“Why did I come to this hellhole?”

“I’m scared. I want to go home…”

“Shit. The…”

“Who the hell is it? Man or ghost, just reveal yourself!”

The atmosphere of fear and anxiety made people unable to calm down. They were now even suspicious of those around them, as if they were startled birds.

“Fan Junyang, you were the one who brought us here. I want to go home now! I want to go back!” A boy grabbed Fan Junyang’s collar and slammed his fist on the guy’s face.

Fan Junyang fell to the ground. Despite the fact that blood was spilling out of the corners of his mouth, he didn’t strike back. He just sat on the floor, looking somewhat broken as he continued yanking at his hair.

The boy still wanted to hit Fan Junyang, but he was pulled back by the others. “Wang Jie, forget it. It’s useless even if we beat him to death now.”

The boy named Wang Jie snorted. “He might be the murderer. Once we kill him, everyone will be safe.”

The uncle had squatted down to check the corpse. He took a moment to pull out the ax from the corpse’s face before standing up. Holding the ax dripping with blood in his hand, he asked, “What’s the commotion?”

“Get your asses in the hall and stay there. I won’t bother to be polite to anyone who dares to take a step outside.”

The uncle slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Jie. Wang Jie immediately lowered his head when he met the uncle’s gaze.

“Drag the body to the courtyard,” said the uncle indifferently. He then turned around and went downstairs.

The others followed behind him.

795 looked at the corpse on the ground. With a long sigh, he moved the body downstairs.

“I’ll help you,” said Wang Jie.

“Okay.” 795 and Wang Jie carried the body down.

Ning Shu followed the two men. The blood was dripping on the floor. There had already been many murders upstairs, and the blood on the floor had dried into dark red traces.

Several bodies were buried under the snow pile in the courtyard, including 696 Mei Ziqing, Zhang Jiasen, two girls, Pan Chen, the girl who was stabbed in the eye, the boy whose body was sawed in half, the girl who was hacked to death with an ax, and a girl who had her heart ripped out and thrown in the latrine. There was also Lin Xia, who had run away.

Ten people had died in such a short time.

“Do you think someone could have faked their death? How about we dig and check if the bodies are still there?” said Ning Shu to 795.

These bodies were buried under the snow. Who knew if they were still there?

795 thought about it and found her concern sensible. He took a shovel and handed it to Ning Shu. “Then, let’s dig.”

“I’ll do it. Her hand’s injured,” said Wang Jie while taking the shovel.

795 glanced at Ning Shu’s gauze-wrapped hand, but he didn’t say anything. The two started digging up the bodies.

Ning Shu stared at Wang Jie. This person basically had no presence. The fact that he was eagerly contributing now always gave Ning Shu quite a weird feeling.

795 and Wang Jie dug up a body, which had frozen stiff. However, the internal organs were starting to decay and smelled strange.

Ning Shu checked these corpses. None of them had a red thread around their neck.

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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