QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1782

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Chapter 1782: Do We Really Have to Join the Rebel Army?

The sky had darkened. Everyone was sitting on the ground with expressions of trepidation. Some of them were even crying softly.

Chen Li wiped the blood from the dagger and returned it to Ning Shu. “Where did this come from?”

“I bought it. I visited town whenever I had free time. I found it on one of my trips and got it for self-defense.” Ning Shu said, “Brother, how about you keep it?”

Chen Li shook his head. “I have the soldiers’ sabers.”

He had collected all the sabers of the dead captors and distributed their dry food to everyone.

After working for a while, Chen Li sat next to Ning Shu. He pursed his lips and said, “Sister, do we really have to join the rebel army?”

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows. “Could it be that Brother is able to feed so many people on his own?”

Chen Li couldn’t say anything in response. His expression was helpless.

Ning Shu’s meaning was that with these people, the brother and sister pair would have some bargaining chips upon joining the rebel army.

Some things were inevitable. The leader of the rebel army was the future emperor. Even the male protagonist, Fang Yong, did not become the emperor. Of course, Fang Yong’s low birth status could not be ruled out.

With Chen Li’s simple mind, he certainly couldn’t understand the profound complications. The issue of supporting this bunch of people was already enough to make him weep.

In the rebel army, there would be plenty of other people to worry about these things.

The next day, Ning Shu and Chen Li led the group northward. They did not attack any territories of the county government along the way. After all, a group like them had no combat effectiveness at all.

On the way, someone in the group got sick. Ning Shu had to take out the medicine she had prepared in advance.

When passing by a town, Ning Shu used the silver Father Chen had given her before they left to buy medicinal materials. These were troubled times, so grain and medicinal materials were in short supply. They were expensive and might not always be available.

Ning Shu, who really had no money, went to the doors of the affluent families to sell her jade herbal masks.

Chen Li wanted to rob the rich and help the poor. However, Ning Shu shook her head. Once the government was alarmed, they would only have one outcome—death. In fact, their group was already conspicuous.

Chen Li, with no other choice, ended up leading the strong young men in the group to take on some heavy labor jobs.

Ning Shu: …

Fuck, why all her tasks were so hard!?

Chen Ermei married Fang Yong and had to suffer as she fled, and she was still like this now.

Like this, the group somehow managed to support themselves during this journey. Although it was still arduous, at least no one tortured them along the way, so it was bearable.

Ning Shu finally saw the rebel flag waving in the distance. Although the flag was in a miserable state, it was still fluttering in the wind without falling, exuding an indescribable aura.

“We’re here,” Ning Shu said happily.

Chen Li let out a heavy sigh. This journey could be described as the most daunting period in his life. From a person who only knew to follow his father to go to the fields, he changed to having to worry about the livelihood of the entire group and solve any unexpected problems that crept up every now and then.

If the group was tired, he even had to cheer them up, acting as a psychological counselor. If it was not for his younger sister by his side, Chen Li believed that he couldn’t have handled these people.

When they finally reached their destination, Chen Li understood what his sister meant. Once they joined the rebel army, he wouldn’t have to deal with these annoying matters. He would only be responsible for fighting and besieging cities.

Ning Shu and Chen Li sat on the backs of the only two horses that hadn’t been sold. Ning Shu patted away the dust on her body, turned her head, and said, “Look sharp, everyone. Now that we’re here, our fates may be changed beyond our imagination.”

Everyone began to tidy up their clothes. They smoothed out their hair and puffed out their chests, ready to accept whatever fate had in store for them. However, there was an unconcealable fear and anxiety between their eyebrows.

If they could choose, no one would want to live a life where their future was so uncertain.

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MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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