QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1702

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Chapter 1702: A Body was Missing?

The girls had necklaces or other jewelry pieces around their necks, but none had a red rope.

One was a country girl, while the other was a college club president, and they both had red ropes. They must have some kind of connection.

Coincidence or not, it was important to investigate.

Ning Shu found a body missing; it was the refined and gentle Pan Chen.

The back of Pan Chen’s head had been hit hard against the doorstep, so he had died from the head injury. However, his body was now missing.

“There’s one person missing.” 795 rubbed his chin. “Even if he’s not the killer, he’s definitely related.”

Wang Jie said, “Who got rid of his body? Or maybe he’s not dead at all? Where’s he hiding now?”

Ning Shu looked at Wang Jie. Why was he so enthusiastic now?

Wang Jie scratched his head as he looked at Ning Shu, asking, “Does your hand still hurt?”

What was it to him?

Ning Shu grinned and didn’t say anything. She just turned to head back to the hall. She paused in front of the door, dusting off the snow on her body, then walked in towards the uncle. Ning Shu said, “Pan Chen’s body is missing.”

The uncle narrowed his eyes. When the others heard the news, they whispered, “Could Pan Chen be the murderer?”

“Is Pan Chen not dead?”


“Stay in the hall and don’t go out,” said the uncle indifferently.

As of now, the weather had begun to darken, and everyone was starving. There was no place to sit, so they had to make do with the ground. The growls of empty stomachs filled the room.

In the silent hall, the crowd was depressed, scared, and fearful. Their emotions were intensified by their hunger and tiredness. It was all they could do to provide warmth to each other with their backs.

Ning Shu had taken the fasting pills, so she did not feel much hunger. With the fact that she had cultivated a strand of energy added on, her body was in good shape. It was just that the hand injury was very itchy.

Wang Jie and 795 buried the bodies back into the snow. When they walked into the house, they brought a chill along with them.

The old woman and Xiao Lan made dinner for the crowd. It was even less than before; the black flour buns were smaller. They were supplemented with only a bowl of boiling water.

The crowd chewed slowly, afraid to eat it all at once. Th

ey only got one meal a day, and it was such a small steamed bun at that.

795 nibbled on the steamed bun. After eating the fasting pill, he wouldn’t be hungry for half a month. He really couldn’t bring himself to eat dough lumps.

“For you.” Wang Jie tore off a half of his black-flour steamed bun and gave it to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu’s expression was confused. People who expressed goodwill for no reason were either traitors or thieves.

“Thanks, but no need.” Ning Shu directly refused him. She didn’t know him well enough.

“Snort…” The uncle glanced over with a mocking expression on his face. It was unknown whether it was for Ning Shu or Wang Jie.

When Wang Jie saw the uncle looking at him, he didn’t insist on giving Ning Shu some of the steamed bun anymore. He bowed his head to eat.

The old woman carried the fire pit to the hall again. It was still lit with the fragrant wood. The house became a little warmer and there was a faint fragrance.

The old woman, hunched over with her cane, said, “When the hell are you going to leave? There’s no more food in the house.”

As the leader of the team, Fan Junyang naturally had to step forward to solve the problem. He said helplessly, “Madam, could you go to another house to buy some food? We will pay you.”

“How much food could we possibly have in this poor lump of a place? It’s good enough if we make it through this winter. There’s simply no food left,” said the old woman, shaking her head.

The old woman’s facial color looked terrible. She looked at them very unkindly, as if everyone in this room was a freeloader.

“Please, just let us stay here for two more days. As soon as the snow stops, we will leave.” Fan Junyang gritted his teeth and said, “Saving a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda, let alone there are so many of us.”

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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