QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697: Contribute More Money to Her Wedding Gift

Who knew what kind of hatred existed between 795 and Lu Shanshan. No matter what Lu Shanshan said, 795 immediately opposed it. He insisted on fighting against her.

Ning Shu felt that 795 must be secretly in love with Lu Shanshan and wanted to use a unique way to get her attention.

Lu Shanshan was the most beautiful woman Ning Shu had ever seen. Both her temperament and looks were top-notch.

Especially when she was in ancient era attire, it was like she was untainted by the impurities of the mortal world. She was not at all what 795 said—a slut.

There was nothing wrong with liking someone, but 795 playing this way was pissing Lu Shanshan off. Forget liking him; she probably wanted to murder him.

Ning Shu threw an inexplicable look at 795, who was gnawing on the black steamed bun. Noticing her gaze, he said, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ning Shu said, “If you like someone, work hard and make lots and lots of money. When she gets married, contribute more money to her wedding gift.”

795: …

“What are you talking about?” 795 looked baffled.

Ning Shu smacked her lips with an expression of understanding.

She then took a bite of her steamed bun. When she saw Liu Manman squatting in the corner with her head down, she took a steamed bun and walked over. She said, “Have something to eat.”

Liu Manman kept her head buried and ignored Ning Shu.

Ning Shu put the steamed bun in a bowl next to her. She then sat next to Liu Manman and asked, “Did you kill both of them?”

A pregnant girl tying two girls together and killing them with a wooden stick sounded a little far-fetched.

“Where did you get the idea to use that method?” asked Ning Shu.

With her head down, Liu Manman’s body trembled slightly. Her voice was thick and nasally as she said, “I hated the two of them for saying nasty things. I really wanted to cut their tongues off.”

“Who raped you?” asked Ning Shu in a small voice.

Liu Manman didn’t say anything.

“Where did you get the stick from?” And it was sharpened. If you wanted to kill someone, you needed a tool.

The heart was taken out by a claw, the head was skewered by a stick, and a brush was thrust into the eye.

“It was in the shed next to the kitchen,” said Liu Manman without looking up.

Ning Shu stood up and left the living room. She stepped through the thick snow to the shed next to the kitchen. It was a simple structure with some firewood in it.

There was a pile of sticks half a man’s height on the side. They were almost half a fist thick, and all of them were sharpened.

This was where Liu Manman got the murder weapon.

Ning Shu once again trudged through the snow to head back to the living room. When she passed by the kitchen, she saw Xiao Lan sitting in front of the stove, lighting a fire.

Ning Shu thought about it and walked into the kitchen towards Xiao Lan. She asked, “Is there any use for the sharpened sticks over there?”

Xiao Lan said, “That was going to be a fence. Grandma said that when the snow melts, we will plant vegetables in the yard. Those sticks were sharpened by Grandma. They are good for staking.”

Ning Shu pressed her lips together. This explanation was logical. Liu Manman saw this thing and used it as a murder weapon.

Ning Shu went out of the kitchen. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a red rope around Xiao Lan’s neck as Xiao Lan leaned over to get firewood. It seemed to be hanging something to ward off baleful energies, such as a jade pendant or charm.

It must have never left her body because the red rope was a bit blackened.

“Do you need something else?” asked Xiao Lan with hollow eyes.

Ning Shu asked with some surprise, “You knew I was watching you?”

Xiao Lan said, “When you can’t see, your other senses are much more sensitive. Besides, I can feel it when you keep staring at me.”

“I’ve been eating steamed buns every day without any vegetables. Could you make some vegetable soup? I’m constipated.” Ning Shu touched her stomach. “It’s so uncomfortably bloated.”

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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