QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1775

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Chapter 1775: The Child Has Been Lost

Fang Yong killed all the bailiffs. It was only once his raging emotions calmed down that he recalled Bai Yiqiao, who was unconscious.

His expression was quite complicated as he went to find a doctor.

When Fang Yong returned home, Bai Yiqiao’s face was deathly pale. The whole bed was wet with the blood under her, and no one had boiled some hot water to wash her off.

Fang Yong’s mother was sitting by the bed. Her vision was almost gone, so it wasn’t easy for her to do things. She blurrily saw Fang Yong coming back and asked, “Did you find a doctor?”

The doctor took the pulse of the unconscious Bai Yiqiao, shook his head, and said, “The child has been lost.”

Fang Yong’s expression was calm. As expected, the child was lost after she lost so much blood.

The doctor prescribed her some medicines and left. Before leaving, he said, “Excessive blood loss hurts the body. It will be difficult for her to give birth in the future.”

Fang Yong pursed his lips and said nothing.

Only Fang Yong, his mother, and Bai Yiqiao, who was unconscious on the bed, were left in the room.

“Fang Yong, what do you want to do?” Fang Yong’s mother asked Fang Yong, “Bai Yiqiao…”

Fang Yong pressed his lips tightly. He then told his mother that he had killed the government officials. His mother stood up in fright when she heard that but forced herself to calm down.

“Mother, I want to join the rebel army.” Fang Yong said, “The imperial court is extorting money from the people with exorbitant taxes and levies. The world is already chaotic, and people’s hearts cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Sooner or later, the court will fall.”

“So you want to join the rebel army?” Fang Yong’s mother closed her eyes. “You go then. Pack your things and leave tonight.”

“But Mother, if I go, what will you do?” asked Fang Yong.

Fang Yong’s mother said lightly, “I’m an old lady. I’ve just about lived out my years. If you live, the Fang family lives on.”

“Those people wouldn’t go so far as to deal with an old lady like me, would they?” said Fang Yong’s mother.

Fang Yong wasn’t someone who would just watch his mother die. If he hadn’t killed the officials, he could quietly sneak away to join the rebel army.

But he did kill the bailiffs. The government would definitely not let him go, and his relatives might be treated inhumanely.

“Mother, let’s go together.” Fang Yong said, unflustered, “Us mother and son must both live.”

Fang Yong’s mother didn’t have any objections. Her husband was dead, so she should listen to her son. She asked, “What about Bai Yiqiao?”

Fang Yong looked at Bai Yiqiao with complicated eyes. “I used to think that I was climbing up high to marry her, but who knew that in her heart, she didn’t want to spend her life with me. The child in her stomach also belonged to someone else.”

“She was hiding a lot of things from me. She didn’t treat me like a husband in her heart.” Fang Yong said indifferently, “She wouldn’t be able to bear the suffering of being on the run with me.”

“I’ll divorce her, and we will have nothing more to do with each other.” Fang Yong let out a long sigh. He then began to pack up in order to leave the village.

While he was packing up his things, he found a box hidden in the cabinet. There were some banknotes inside. Fang Yong made a self-deprecating smile and put the box back.

When Bai Yiqiao woke up, she felt her stomach hurt like a knife was stirring her insides, but her face showed a relieved expression.

After all that chaos, the child in her stomach should be gone.

Translator: Take

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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