QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1635

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Chapter 1635: Money Had to Be Earned Together

The Li family’s company’s scripts and songs were high in both quality and quantity. They were all famous hits from that world.

If they showed off too much, they’d attract the ire of others.

Money had to be earned together by everyone.

Ning Shu planned on submitting drafts to all companies except for the Li family’s rivals.

After Ning Shu finished her plans, she let out a sigh and sat cross-legged on the bed to cultivate. The next day, she threw herself into work with high spirits.

Ning Shu sent several songs to several different companies. Since they weren’t acquaintances, the price she asked for was four times the price that she asked from the Li family’s company. She sold the songs at the rate of four thousand yuan per song. Some of the song lyrics had the name of the original lyricist labelled on them.

In any case, she just wanted to release all these things in advance.

Only writing scripts really wore on Ning Shu’s spirits. She felt like she could barely hold on.

There was still a gap between her and Yang Yuhui because he had the search system.

Ning Shu decided to just call it a day. She had pretty much finished writing all the songs Yang Yuhui had written in the original storyline. Then, she sent them all out.

After Ning Shu busied herself for this period of time, she felt like her body had been hollowed out.

Frick, now it had gotten to the stage where she’d feel sick whenever she saw a laptop and dizzy whenever she saw a computer file.

After Ning Shu finished writing the songs, she started to write the script.

Ning Shu planned to hack into Yang Yuhui’s laptop, but she found that the IP address from before wasn’t right so she wasn’t able to.

Ning Shu shot a glance at Fang Menghan and asked probingly, “How come you’re not going out to hang out with Yang Yuhui? Isn’t today the weekend?”

Fang Menghan glanced at Ning Shu and said lightly, “Why do you care so much about what’s going on between me and Senior Brother?”

As Fang Menghan said so, her expression immediately turned grave and she glared at Ning Shu vigilantly. “Are you starting to become interested in Senior Brother Yang Yuhui?”

“I was just asking randomly. What are you being so tense for?” said Ning Shu indifferently.

Fang Manghan said complacently, “If Senior Brother says he has something going on, I definitely won’t go disturb him.”

As Fang Menghan spoke, she started to dress herself up, clearly about to go out.

“Senior Brother already has his own house now. He doesn’t even live at school anymore,” said Fang Menghan smugly. To have managed to buy his own house when he was still a student, Yang Yuhui’s future prospects were limitless.

Ning Shu’s eyes flashed. No wonder she couldn’t hack into Yang Yuhui’s laptop. It was because he had moved.

Fang Menghan dolled herself up prettily and then left.

Ning Shu continued to type up scripts. She didn’t know how Yang Yuhui was doing, so she could only speed up her writing.

She figured that when Yang Yuhui saw the TV shows the Li family’s company produced, he would definitely speed up his own pace.

The two of them were competing and whoever showed their cards first would have the upper hand.

Ning Shu rubbed her forehead and continued typing out the script. She didn’t know whether or not what she was writing right now had already been sold by Yang Yuhui.

However, by the time she successfully sold two scripts, summer break arrived and she had to go act in a small supporting role.

Li Xinze drove to Ning Shu’s place to pick her up. After Ning Shu made herself presentable, she went downstairs.

“Why do you look like this?” Li Xinze blinked a few times.

Ning Shu touched her face. “What?”

“Your complexion is pale and you also have dark eye bags.” She looked exactly like a schoolboy who had become dispirited and listless after rubbing too many times.

“Don’t get addicted to the Internet.” Li Xinze rubbed his forehead, feeling like he couldn’t look straight at her.

Ning Shu: →_→

Typing had indeed spoiled her beauty!!

It seemed like she had to stop typing for a while and start working on the task from other directions. This beautiful face really couldn’t be ruined.

“Why don’t you come stay at my house while you’re filming? All the other students have already packed up and left,” said Li Xinze.

Ning Shu waved her hand and said, “It’s fine. I’ll just stay in the dorm.”

“You’ll be really busy when filming. It’ll be too tiring if you still have to rush back and forth between the dorm and the filming site,” said Li Xinze.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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