QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1632

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Chapter 1632: Couldn’t Ruin This Beautiful Face

Ning Shu told them her reasoning for it too.

The other side quickly replied, saying that they would follow Ning Shu’s suggestion.

“Do you know who this is?” asked Li Xinze to one of the staff as he looked at the computer.

The staff member shook his head. “No.”

“For this kind of talent to not join the company, we’re letting a big catch slip away.” Li Xinze sighed, “Find a way to make an appointment with them. It doesn’t matter what method you use.”

On the other side, Ning Shu was writing novels. She had already passed over some classic novels to book publishers. They became very popular after their serializations, especially the wuxia novels by Jin Yong and Gu Long.

As long as these works already existed, Yang Yuhui wouldn’t be able to say that they belonged to him. He wouldn’t be so shameless.

Ning Shu searched on the Internet for publishing companies and saw that the Li family’s company had some entertainment newspapers, so she submitted these drafts to them.

For example, Jin Yong’s novels had been adapted into TV shows many times. If the novel was published through the Li family’s newspaper, the copyright would also be with the newspaper.

Other than when Ning Shu ate in the dining hall, she spent most of her time in the dorm, writing up drafts.

After half a month, Ning Shu felt like her body had been hollowed out. If it weren’t for the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she would probably be just like a ghost right now.

Ning Shu patted her face and tilted her head up before pasting on a facial mask. She couldn’t ruin this beautiful face by spending all her time typing.

Fortunately, all of her hardships had been worth it. Ning Shu compressed and packaged the finished drafts and after thinking about it, she took on the pseudonym Jin Yong.

She used Jin Yong’s pen name for Jin Yong’s books, Gu Long’s pen name for Gu Long’s books, and Wen Ruian’s name for Wen Ruian’s books.

She wondered if Yang Yuhui would feel pleasantly surprised when he saw these familiar names.

These drafts sold very well, and Ning Shu got an extra sum of money.

These things, which had been plagiarized from others, brought in money very fast.

Yang Yuhui had relied on them to raise his status and become a person respected by tens of thousands of people. She didn’t know whether Yang Yuhui had a guilty conscience or not.

If he plagiarized and stole things from others without spending a single penny, then there would certainly be retribution!!

Ning Shu chanted ‘Amitabha’ and donated half of the money to children living in rural mountainous areas. Then, she saved the remaining half for her own living expenses.

Ning Shu also bought home a copy of the newspaper and magazine when they came out. When Yang Yuhui saw Jin Yong’s pen name, he had probably gotten a nice surprise.

Back then, Jin Yong had also used the method of serializing his wuxia novels in order to increase his newspaper sales.

The novels were very well-received. Yang Yuhui didn’t usually read newspapers, as he thought that they didn’t have much substance. He would rather use his time to write more scripts.

When Yang Yuhui heard his roommates discussing whether Mu Nianci or Huang Rong was more beautiful, his heart thudded heavily and he snatched the newspaper from his roommate’s hand.

When Yang Yuhui saw Jin Yong’s pen name, he suddenly felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. He was so stunned his entire body went limp. His hands trembled as he held the newspaper.

Jin Yong!? Yang Yuhui stared fixedly at those two words and it seemed as if his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Was Jin Yong also in this world?

Yang Yuhui felt very uneasy. He cared a lot about these wuxia novels. These novels pioneered the genre of chivalrous adventures in the Jianghu. Most importantly, Jin Yong’s novels had received several TV adaptations.

‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’ had been reproduced many times.

He had lost another weapon in his hand, another opportunity to start a new genre.

Yang Yuhui hatefully threw the newspaper onto the ground and trampled on it with all his might.

Did Jin Yong really exist here or had others been reborn too?

A large number of misgivings were corked up in Yang Yuhui’s heart. He couldn’t understand it no matter how he thought about it, making him extremely fretful.

How come not a single thing went well?

The Li family’s company released a few more songs. Unsurprisingly, they were all hit songs from that world.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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