QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1778

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Chapter 1778: Her Efforts Were Not Rewarded

Wen Yu sent several maids to take good care of Bai Yiqiao, but she was always depressed, full of pent-up frustrations.

Bai Yiqiao lamented her own fate. Why was she born again and still couldn’t change her own destiny?

In the end, Bai Yiqiao was afraid of her fate. Were she and Fang Yong never meant to be? After being reborn once, she still had to give way to Chen Ermei?

Why? It was too unfair. No woman would willingly hand her husband over to someone else.

Wen Yu had been by Bai Yiqiao’s side, caring for her silently, but she was immersed in her own grief.

She couldn’t accept that her efforts were not rewarded. Bai Yiqiao was too absorbed with herself to see other people.

On the other side, after being told about the recruitment, the Chen family fell into a dilemma.

“What do we do?” Father Chen seemed to have aged ten years in an instant.

Lady Li silently wiped away her tears.

“Since it is a conscription, I must go,” said Chen Li.

Ning Shu sighed inwardly. After doing tasks for such a long time, it was her first time getting drafted.

“Let Brother and I go then,” said Ning Shu. She already had a plan in her heart.

“My two children are all gone.” Lady Li suddenly wailed.

Father Chen’s face was trembling. His eyes were a little red, and he bit his cheek tightly without speaking.

“Mother, please me make two sets of men’s clothes. It won’t be convenient to wear skirts,” said Ning Shu to Lady Li.

Lady Li wiped her tears and took out the needle and thread to make clothes for Ning Shu. She didn’t even need to measure Ning Shu’s figure.

“It’s too rushed. If I knew earlier, I would’ve made shoes for you two.” Lady Li moved the needle as she kept wiping her tears.

Father Chen bit his lips and said, “I will go with Ermei. Chen Li will stay at home.

“Chen Li hasn’t yet continued the Chen family line.”

Ning Shu: …

Adults couldn’t even protect themselves in this chaotic era. How could a fragile baby survive? It was really an incomparable obsession with the succession of the lineage.

“You are already old. You can’t walk to the dike and will die from exhaustion on the road. What ‘I will go’?” Lady Li cried and complained.

Chen Li stood up. “If I don’t go, who will?”

Ning Shu began to pack up her things. She wrapped up all the medicine she usually got. There was even the dagger that could cut through iron like butter that she had exchanged points for.

Since she couldn’t avoid it, why not…

She looked at Chen Li. She might as well push him into the rebel army and let the Chen family rise.

Ning Shu transferred some energy into Chen Li’s body without a trace. The energy could slowly transform Chen Li’s body, making his hearing sharp and vision good. It would make his body more agile.

Ning Shu said to Chen Li, “Brother, I have a secret martial arts book. Do you want to learn it?”

Chen Li: →_→

“Ermei, stop messing around.” Chen Li said, “If only I was going to join the army.”

It was not as if he could just fight if he wanted to fight. He had to be drafted for it first. They could only go to do hard labor in this situation.

Ning Shu told Chen Li a lie, “I saved a warrior in the town, so he gave me this secret martial art book in return.”

Translator: Take

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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