QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1469

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Chapter 1469: Encountered a Ghost Maze

Ning Shu had stolen the bones for a reason: She wanted to test whether that secret art worked.

But after stealing the bones, she walked for a long while, but she couldn’t get back to the Daoist temple. Even though the temple wasn’t far away, she couldn’t get there.

The more she walked, the darker the surroundings seemed to become. She constantly felt a cold air around her, as if someone was blowing air at the back of her head.

Goosebumps were rising all over her body. Perhaps, something was currently staring at her while licking their lips.

There was a rustling sound behind her, accompanied by a deep male voice. The voice was so pleasant, it felt like her ears had turned jovial.

It kept asking her if she was scared.

Ning Shu: →_→

As expected, girls’ physique easily tended to attract ghosts, especially in the middle of the night.

She had encountered a ghost maze.

Ning Shu stopped in her tracks. In this situation, she couldn’t walk around randomly. What if there was a pond or cliff ahead? Who would save her from drowning or falling to her death?

Ning Shu felt that the chilly air at the back of her head was getting heavier, and there was a breath of cold air pouring into her ears.

Shit, it seemed like there was more than one ghost around.

Voices came from behind her again. This time, there was an additional woman’s voice. Ning Shu suppressed the impulse to look back.

Humans have three fires, located on their shoulders and forehead. A turn of the head would blow out a fire on the shoulder, and the body’s Yang energy would become even weaker.

They truly were tormenting little evil spirits.

Ning Shu took out a talisman from her cloth bag. She pinched it between her fingers and mouthed an incantation, bursting the paper talisman into flames.

The cold, gloomy air soon dissipated, and the rustling noise also disappeared.

Ning Shu directed her flashlight to shine the path ahead and saw that she was standing in front of a ditch. Her ankles were wrapped with something like water grass.

A chill passed from the ankle to every corner of her body. She felt her body freezing and turning stiff, unable to put up any resistance at all.

Damn it, did she encounter a water ghost now?

Ning Shu revolved the energy in her body to dispel the cold. However, the water grass was still pulling her ankles to drag her into the water.

Ning Shu took out a talisman and pressed it on the water grass. The water grass made a hissing sound and exuded black gas. It hurriedly shrank back into the water.

F*ck, she’d never walk at night again.

Ning Shu took out more talismans and pasted them on her back, chest, and one on each arm.

She dared the ghosts to come at her again.

However, a gust of cold wind came, blowing off the talismans on Ning Shu’s body. The shrill wind roared at Ning Shu.

A stream of cold energy drilled into Ning Shu’s body.

Darn it. It seemed like if she did not retaliate, she’d be taken as a pushover.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes before taking out the soul pearl. As she held it in her hand, the cold energy around her immediately vanished.

The ghost blowing in Ning Shu’s ear was also sucked into the soul pearl, turning into its nourishment.

This time, she smoothly got back to the Daoist temple.

Few ghosts dared to approach the Daoist temple, so Ning Shu wasn’t afraid of them bothering her again.

She had encountered all sorts of situations on this one trip.

When she returned to her room, Ning Shu took out the cloth bag and placed the bones on the table. Some of the bones already had wormholes.

Ning Shu didn’t know which bone belonged to Feng Yin, so she had no choice but to test them one by one.

Ning Shu took the cinnabar and smeared it on the bone before coating it with willow leaf juice. Next, she silently waited for any changes.

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TLC: Kaho

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