QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0873

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Chapter 873: Price for Being Willful

Zhang Jiasen was, without question, a phoenix boy. A golden phoenix that flew out from its nest in the mountains, capable of bringing his family hope.

He was intelligent and hardworking. His mentality was incomparably tough and he had an extremely strong sense of responsibility, strong to the point that he felt responsible for the happiness of every single member of the Zhang family. After he reached success, he had supported everyone in his family. Behind the phoenix boy was an entire crowd of family members that he needed to provide for. However, it was clear that he felt no responsibility towards Miao Miaomiao.

The Miao family was simple a springboard to success for him.

Zhang Jiasen could tolerate the Miao family couple looking down on him. He could endure things that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to endure, but he silently noted all of this down in his heart.

He was very sensitive, with a lot of pride, but he also had a strong inferiority complex.

Mother Miao felt heartache for her daughter for the hardships she had to endure in the remote valley, so she prepared a lot for dinner and even personally cooked.

As Ning Shu looked at the table full of food, she felt like her saliva was about to crash down. The food seriously hadn’t been good in the countryside. It had practically been stomach abuse.

Ning Shu felt very satisfied as she ate the clean and tasty food. The parents continuously got food for her and even Zhang Jiasen got some food for her. As he placed it in her bowl, he said, “Eat some more.”

Ning Shu turned to look towards Zhang Jiasen. His gaze was deep and unreadable. She replied with a smile, “Thanks.”

But in her heart, she scoffed. If he actually felt heartache for the person, why would he throw her in the countryside and then completely disregard her? He didn’t even make a single phone call.

Miao Miaomiao wasn’t suited to that kind of life at all. It wasn’t like Zhang Jiasen didn’t know that Miao Miaomiao had never lived like that before.

Ning Shu stopped eating once she was full. When Zhang Jiasen saw Ning Shu set down her chopsticks, a short while later, he also smoothly set down his chopsticks.

Ning Shu could tell that Zhang Jiasen didn’t really have an appetite. He probably felt uncomfortable with the Miao family parents present.

After dinner, Ning Shu sat down on the sofa to watch TV. Zhang Jiasen sat next to Ning Shu and silently accompanied her in watching TV.

This man…

During the entire time, Ning Shu talked with the Miao family parents but completely cold-shouldered Zhang Jiasen. Zhang Jiasen didn’t say anything and just stared at Ning Shu. It was impossible to read whether he was angry.

However, Ning Shu was able to experience firsthand how much the Miao family parents doted on her. They basically granted whatever was asked for and cupped her carefully like she was a precious treasure.

Perhaps the Heavens were fair. A person’s life couldn’t possibly always be this blessed. Zhang Jiasen’s appearance ended Miao Miaomiao’s happiness and destroyed her life, causing her to lose everything and die at a young age.

Miao Miaomiao had paid the price for the one time she was willful, with losing everything.

During this time, Miao Miaomiao hadn’t had a single child. She hadn’t even gotten pregnant.

“Mom, I want to stay here and sleep tonight,” said Ning Shu to Mother Miao.

“Alright, then just sleep at home,” replied Mother Miao without even thinking about it.

Zhang Jiasen wanted to say something, but then hesitated.

“Jiasen, just let Miaomiao stay at home for today,” said Mother Miao.

Zhang Jiasen nodded. “Alright, Mom.”

Zhang Jiasen was about to head back. He looked towards Ning Shu, so Ning Shu got up to see him out.

As Ning Shu looked at Zhang Jiasen who was walking in front of her, her eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhang Jiasen opened the car door, then looked towards Ning Shu and said with a smile, “I’ll come again tomorrow.”

As he spoke, he reached out and patted Ning Shu’s head. “Wait for me.”

“Alright.” Ning Shu nodded.

Ning Shu watched until Zhang Jiasen’s car disappeared from view before heading back into the house.

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