QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0847

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Chapter 847: Just Give Me Six Hundred Thousand

In reality, Ning Shu seriously couldn’t understand Song Ning. Why did Song Ning always feel that she should like An Nuan? Could it be that Song Ning also knew about the storyline?

Then was this Song Ning a transmigrator, a reincarnator, or a task-taker?

If she was a reincarnator, then she should be extremely envious of and hate An Nuan, but Song Ning’s attitude towards An Nuan was always very aloof and even seemed to look down on An Nuan.

So she was most likely a task-taker like her. The moment this possibility occurred to Ning Shu, her hair rose up on end. The more she thought about it, the more likely this seemed. This might really be a task-taker trying to flirt with her.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Ning Shu’s heart, but she maintained an expressionless facial nerve paralysis manner as she asked, “Why do I have to like An Nuan?”

Song Ning curled her lips unhappily. “Don’t men like you all like this sort of insipid, naïve, and innocent girl?”

“No, I like girls like you.” Ning Shu grinned.

When Song Ning saw this man smile, she really wanted to just slap him. Since he was saying that he liked her, frickin’ give her some favorable impression points! F*ck, it was always at zero!

Song Ning was about to cry from anger. She had never encountered this kind of scourge before.

An Nuan’s relationship with Zongzheng Bin developed rapidly. After just a short while, Ning Shu started seeing the two make intimate gestures. An Nuan was often teased by the skilled playboy until her entire face turned red. Either that or she would suddenly be kissed or hugged. It was enough to make An Nuan faint.

Zongzheng Bin, this player’s skill at hitting on girls could seriously break through the horizons. There was no need to explain how sweet their interactions were.

The entire Gong Family Corporation contained the sour rotten smell of romance.

Ning Shu, this single dog, was forced to silently eat several pounds of dog food. Look, even without Gong Luo doting on her, there would be other men to dote on An Nuan.

An Nuan was born to be doted on. In comparison, though they were both women, Ning Shu couldn’t help but start question her own life.

Forget it. She was born with the fate of a laborer.

This particular day, Zongzheng Bin brought An Nuan to stand in front of Ning Shu and directly said, “CEO Gong, you have to let the person go. I want to take An Nuan to my company.”

Ning Shu looked towards An Nuan. Her cheeks were rosy and she looked extremely spirited. The An Nuan who had been nourished by love was very beautiful.

Earlier she had still been talking about dignity with every breath and had accused her of selling her to Zongzheng Bin, but it didn’t take long for her to slap her own face and decide to leave with Zongzheng Bin.

Ning Shu said indifferently, “Sure, just give me six hundred thousand.”

“CEO, I only borrowed five hundred thousand, how did it suddenly become six hundred thousand?” When An Nuan heard this, she immediately became unhappy. She felt like Ning Shu was purposefully raising the price.

Ning Shu paid no attention to An Nuan and said to Zongzheng Bin, “This sanitation worker and broken a vase earlier. The additional hundred thousand is the cost of the vase.”

An Nuan covered her mouth in shock and she glared at Ning Shu even more angrily. “What kind of vase costs a hundred thousand? How can you be like this? You’re just trying to extort money from me! How can you be like this!?”

“It was an antique vase. This price is already very cheap,” said Ning Shu mildly. The cost was just this much, what could you do?

An Nuan furrowed her brows, then said to Zongzheng Bin, “Let’s just forget it after all.”

Ning Shu was astonished. “What do you mean just forget it? You owe me money. Right now you’re supposed to be paying me back. It’s not like you’re buying something, what do you mean by forget it?”

An Nuan was instantly hit by a feeling of embarrassment. Why did the CEO always insist on talking about money all the time, and it was even in front of Zongzheng Bin.

Before she had felt like the CEO was a good person, but from the look of things now, he was still just a cold-blooded capitalist.

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