QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0603

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Chapter 603: Following Up on Qiao Yi’s Album

When Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer had become determined to do better, she stopped keeping Mai Douer company and had her head to the filming location by herself.

Right now she needed to follow up on the matter of Qiao Yi’s album. She had already wasted a lot of time on Mai Douer while trying to get Mai Douer roles. In all honesty, it truly required a lot of effort to get so many strange roles.

She had taken special trouble to select each of these roles for Mai Douer.

In the original storyline, since Mai Douer had Mo Juefeng, she got important roles right from the start. Even if her acting was a little shaky, the directors wouldn’t be as harsh, which allowed Mai Douer’s acting skills to slowly improve. The most important factor was that at that time, Mai Douer had a lot of self-confidence and was very innocent.

However, the Mai Douer now didn’t have any background and was only acting minor roles, so it’d be strange if directors bothered to be polite towards her.

These repeated rejections caused Mai Douer to slowly lose her self-confidence. At the same time, she started becoming impatient and her emotions became unstable. These things were worsened by the fact that Qiao Yi, who joined the company at the same time as her, seemed to be steadily advancing in her career while she was still stuck in the same spot.

It was hard to stop herself from becoming impatient for success.

When Mai Douer heard that Ning Shu wouldn’t be going to the filming location with her anymore because she needed to look after Qiao Yi, she became very upset.

She realized that she was really starting to rely on her manager now. In the past, her manager had kept her company while she filmed every single time. Whenever something happened, her manager would resolve it for her, but now she had to go alone and face the filming crew on her own.

Mai Douer felt really uneasy.

She pulled at Ning Shu’s hand and begged, “Big Sis Chen, can’t you go with me? I’m a little scared.”

Ning Shu pulled her hand out of Mai Douer’s grasp and said mildly, “I’m not your personal manager, I’m also Qiao Yi’s manager. I can’t look only after you, I have to follow up on Qiao Yi’s situation too. In addition, you’ve already been acting for quite a while, so you should be able to deal with those people. Big Sis Chen has faith in you. Even if you’re by yourself, you’ll still be able to deal with those people.”

Mai Douer was really bitter about it, but she had no choice but to head to filming on her own.

Ning Shu went to follow up on how Qiao Yi’s album was progressing. The company had obviously taken note of Qiao Yi’s value and wanted to have her debut, so she needed to do all she could to make Qiao Yi’s album sell well.

Qiao Yi was very happy when Ning Shu visited and smiled cheerfully as she accepted the water Ning Shu handed her. “Big Sis Chen, you had time to come visit today?”

“Are you upset because I’ve been spending all my time on Mai Douer lately?” asked Ning Shu.

Qiao Yi shook her head and said with a grateful expression, “It’s all thanks to Big Sis Chen that I’m able to sing now. I’m really content, I’m not unhappy at all. And there’s also a lot of things that I can do myself so I’m glad I don’t have to bother Big Sis Chen as much.”

Regardless of whether Qiao Yi was completely sincere or not, these words were really pleasing to hear. In terms of social etiquette, Qiao Yi was truly outstanding compared to Mai Douer.

Mai Douer was the type to feel that the entire world has wronged her the moment she faced any hardships.

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