A Little Update (Unfortunately not w/ QTF chps)

What’s up?

To those who are reading, hola~ If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve gotten rid of the and links because there was no hope. If you’re curious about the details, I’ve wrote about my experience from the dashboard side here. Dw, even though the campaign ended early, bonus chps are still promised. I’m just trying to either successfully monetize this site in a non-spammy way or move onto another site and settle the situation a little so I can start scheduling bonus chapters along with regular chapters.

Why not just give up on the revenue? You have Patreon anyways.

I was very torn over that tug of war. Give up revenue? Try to get revenue? Stay on this site? Move to different site? Was super (jiūjié), super confused for several weeks. Then summer housing fees rolled around, I paid for the round-trip fares to get back home for a couple weeks, and paid my share in a trip to Boston with friends. My bank balance decreased by a huge amount but is thankfully not at zero.

Even when you’re on a scholarship, life is tough when you attend a private college in the middle of nowhere that’s across the country from where you live. I don’t want to burden my parents, but at the same time I don’t want to stay stuck inside my room like a turtle year-round, so I’ll be taking more money if I can get it! *covers face*

*peeks between fingers* These two are just considerations and probably very late to last resorts, but please raise your right hand if you’ll hate me if I move to moonbunnycafe and raise your left hand if you’ll hate me if I move fully onto Patreon.

*waves white flag* So here’s the thing before you kill me, Patreon supporters get to read ahead, and their total contributions speed up releases for everyone. I feel like it’d also be good for non-paying readers to contribute by offering ad revenue chapters which will also contribute to more chapters for everyone to read. However, I can only do that steadily once I get things figured out and can focus on translating, editing, and prepping posts in fixed blocks of time. This past week I’ve been getting hung up on the site so much it’s cutting into translations and my summer work time…

Isohungry’s owner is stationed in Canada, so rev is a lot lower now due to paypal fees and dollar conversion. I think that mbc’s owner is stationed in America, so there probably wouldn’t be paypal charges. The reason I considered Patreon is because so far, the scraping websites haven’t stolen my advanced chapters. Of course, I can’t prevent right-click on Patreon so it’s possible for my patrons to steal content… but I’m not seriously planning to move onto Patreon anyways, not unless there’s a surprising amount of support for it. I’d like to stay on this site and develop it if possible.


For now I am… still waiting.

Wordads still hasn’t sent out their revenue report, so I don’t know yet if stats have gotten better than before. Currently, I’m contacting a couple different ad services to try out other options for monetizing this site.

I’m also considering switching for a different theme. I haven’t seen any other good dark themes that are free though, so we may have to go light~ The main reason is, I’m concerned about the home page not loading sometimes even though the other pages load fine, so I’m hoping a different theme wouldn’t have the same problem.

The first five bonus chapters will probably be scheduled for the first week of July. I may hold off the rest until the first week of August since I’ll be traveling to Boston at the beginning of July, and back home at the end of July. However, if by some miracle, I manage to monetize this site within this week, all bonus chapters will be released in July.

Comments, questions, suggestions, concerns? I need them~~~ otherwise I’ll just rampage directionlessly until I get somewhere.


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