QTF Record

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks: Chapter 0218+0219

Useful Quote #3:
It’s okay to believe yourself better than the rest of the planet, so long as you keep it to yourself.

I’m almost out of tricks to try to thwart the bots~ For the time being, I will be having the actual releases on the latest chapter releases post on the home page, so bookmark that. These will be random chps for the bots to copy, and a notification for novelupdates to ping the people that follow on novelupdates/through email that a new chp has been released.

Normally I post pretty much at the same time every night, but since I’m paying attention to the people scraping my website right now, it really annoys me to post… I’ll probably start posting regularly at the same time again in a couple weeks. Sorry for all the inconvenience!

Chapter 218~~~

Chapter 219~~~