QTF Record

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks: Chapter 0170

This MV was created in Dec 23, 2013. I sobbed while translating the words on the screen, ’cause I really did go through something similar. The main difference is, I’m still at the 19 benchmark, and I didn’t leave home ’cause I disliked my family, I left ’cause I had growing up to do.

MV words:

1 year old – Mama
3 year old – Mommy, I love you
5 year old – I want to hurry and grow up. Mama will forever be beautiful.
10 year old – Mom, whatever.
14 year old – Mom, you’re so annoying.
16 year old – I don’t need you to mind my business!
18 year old – I’m leaving this family.
20 year old – Mom, I miss you.
24 year old – Mom, back then, you were right.
27 year old – Mom, I’ll miss you.
29 year old – Only those who have been mothers understand the meaning of ‘mother.’
33 year old – Time, please slow down. Don’t make Mom age anymore.
In this world, there is only one person you always owe.


Chapter 170~~~