QTF Record

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks: Chapter 0131

It’s hard-ish to come up with different things to post about for every single post, anyone want to contribute snippets of doushijins, artwork, or anything related that you want to promote? For the next couple arcs, I have some of my current favorite songs (mostly Chinese rn) picked out and I’ll be posting some lyrics for the chapter posts. I aim to make it broadly related to the arc, but sometimes it’s a far stretch… Especially arc 4. I’m going to be stuffing all of my current favorite love songs in that arc b/c no other arc in sight even comes remotely close to there being a hint of something nice and sweet.

Chapter 131~~~

Also, I’m slightly annoyed with people copying the chapters for ‘off-line reading purposes.’ If it can be accessed on the internet, it’s not off-line! So for the time being, I’m disabling copying and pasting until those ‘offline’ chapters are taken down and I feel less annoyed. I’m sorry for any inconvenience to active readers.