QTF Record

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks: Chapter 0128

I’ve increased the font a little more, but probably will not increase it further.

As for the pages only having 2 paragraphs, there’s are no chapters in which there are only a handful of paragraphs, so if you only see a few paragraphs, it’s a teaser. I double-checked my scheduled posts and pages and there doesn’t seem to be any errors in the update time.

I schedule the chapter to update at the same time as the post, and novelupdate is picking up the releases faster than it did on isohungry, so that may account for the chp not being updated when you click on the link. It might also be because of cache. If it is because of cache, try opening the chap in an incognito tab. Otherwise, leave a comment and I’ll fix it asap if there’s an actual problem. Sorry about the inconvenience. ><”


Chapter 128~~~