QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1387

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Chapter 1387: Treated Like A Princess

Yang Ziyi was the kind of person who didn’t like to argue with others. She was used to taking a step back in everything and was a kind and honest person.

Under her guidance, her son, Wang Bo, was also this kind of person. Furthermore, since he grew up in a single-parent family, he had a quiet personality.

He was in his thirties, but still hadn’t gotten married.

However, Wang Bo then met Cai Anqi, a woman who was two years older than him. This Cai Anqi was a woman with beautiful facial features and a good figure. She said to Wang Bo, “You are honest and kind, unlike other men who just spend all their time and money on drinking and pleasure. You look very reliable.”

Wang Bo was practically overwhelmed by this favor from a superior. The two gradually got to know each other, and eventually got married.

It wasn’t easy to marry such a great wife, so she naturally was the apple of Wang Bo’s eye and he carefully treasured her.

Yang Ziyi was also very kind to this daughter-in-law of hers. She usually didn’t allow her daughter-in-law to do any housework and practically treated her like a princess.

Wang Bo and Yang Ziyi had already been married for two years, but still hadn’t gotten pregnant. Wang Bo wasn’t concerned though since there were plenty of people who had been married for several years but still didn’t have children.

But, when Cai Anqi finally got pregnant, she started to bleed during her pregnancy. Wang Bo wanted to take Cai Anqi to the hospital but she refused to go, saying that she just had poor health.

However, the symptoms of bleeding didn’t alleviate, and ultimately, the child didn’t survive. Although Wang Bo was sad, he was more concerned about Cai Anqi’s health. He asked the doctor, “What caused the abortion? Next time, we’ll pay more attention to it.”

The doctor scornfully said that after several abortions, the wall of her uterus was as thin as a piece of paper so how could the baby possibly survive?

Wang Bo felt like he was struck by lightning. Cai Anqi had lied to him. She had been a player. Since she had gotten a bit old and her family was pushing her to get married, she went and found an honest man to live with.

From ancient times to the present, from brothel women to women who were simply tired of playing, they’d always go find an honest man to spend the rest of their lives with. Such men shared a common name, ‘plate-catching hero.’

After this miscarriage, Cai Anqi couldn’t give birth anymore. She, however, wasn’t very concerned, and said that she’d continue to live with Wang Bo.

Wang Bo was infuriated by Cai Anqi’s attitude. Not only did she cheat him, she was also always acting lofty in front of him.

He had been willing to cherish her because she was a good woman, but he now found out that she was the kind of woman who didn’t love herself at all. Who knew how many people she had played around with?

Wang Bo wanted a divorce but Cai Anqi was against it. She said that he had to pay her a sum of money to get divorced; otherwise, she refused to sign the papers.

Wang Bo only wanted to be free. Even if he had to pay her money, he desperately wanted the divorce.

In the end, not only did Cai Anqi deceive Wang Bo, she even got a sum of money out of him before getting divorced. Just the thought of it was infuriating.

Wang Bo had experienced an unhappy marriage so after the divorce, he didn’t want to get married again. This made Yang Ziyi extremely anxious.

So she grew to resent Cai Anqi.

Yang Ziyi’s wish was for her son to be able to marry again and for Cai Anqi to pay the price for what she did.

After Ning Shu received the plot, all she could only say was that shameless villains always got to live happily while honest people got injured.

It was pretty rough to encounter such a daughter-in-law.

This society was quite open, but it hadn’t reached the point of being open towards indiscriminate intercourse. Although it was a modern society, there were still a lot of fetters on women.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but look down on a woman like this. Cai Anqi had taken advantage of the time while she was young to play around as much as she wanted. Then once she got a little older, she found an honest and steady man who wouldn’t play around to get married with.

She left it to someone like Wang Bo to pick up the bill.

She bowed and scraped for trashy men, but acted all arrogant in front of an honest man.

As of now, Wang Bo and Cai Anqi had already gotten married and it was currently their honeymoon. Who knew what they were doing in the next room?

Probably playing a game of ‘Come catch me! If you catch me, then I’ll let you- hehehe!.’

Ning Shu felt like her entire body was covered with sweat, so she went to take a bath. Afterwards, she sat down on top of the bed and started practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts.

MTL Editor: Awake

TLC: Kaho

#Kaho’s comment: Just a note, this TLer’s name is also Anqi. So please use full name when referring to Cai Anqi lmao.

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