QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1368

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Chapter 1368: Good Boy

Ning Shu was more concerned about Jiang Le’s cultivation progress. No matter what, he was her head disciple. “How powerful is your spiritual energy now?”

Jiang Le inspected his dantian and said, “It’s thicker. The shape looks a little strange?”

“Pretty good. It can even take shape now.” Ning Shu said, “Once you cultivate this technique to a certain extent, it will change shape. Even the color will change.

“You don’t have to worry about anything else. Just absorb more spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy will gradually take shape.” Ning Shu asked, “What shape is it?”

“I can’t see it very clearly. It has four legs and looks a bit like a tiger,” said Jiang Le.

Tiger? Ning Shu raised her eyebrows. Could it be that the spiritual energy shape cultivated was different for everyone?

Hers was a dragon, so she had thought that everyone else would also form a dragon.

Well, she could slowly verify things later.

Ning Shu said with a smile, “Cultivate well and take good care of your junior brother.”

Jiang Le nodded. “The disciple understands.”

“Good boy,” said Ning Shu, feeling gratified.

Jiang Le was a little speechless. This girl wasn’t as old or tall as him, but she always seemed to show off her own age and experience in front of him.

Sometimes, Ning Shu would seek out places where there were mixed bloods to see if she could take them as disciples.

As the sect’s first batch of disciples, Ning Shu hoped that these disciples would have slightly better moral conduct.

Some half-humans, half-demons leaned more towards their demonic side, and even more inherited the demons’ characteristics.

Jiang Le was feeding the child demonic beast milk when he saw his master coming back with a girl. He heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as it wasn’t a baby, he would accept anyone.

Qing Yue glanced at Ning Shu. “Found another disciple?”

Ning Shu said with a smile, “My third disciple. She’s called Li Shulan.”

Jiang Le looked at the girl. She was about fifteen years old, with a graceful body and a beautiful fair face.

Li Shulan saluted Jiang Yue, “Eldest Senior Brother.”

Jiang Le replied, “Little Junior Sister.”

Ning Shu explained, “Her mother’s a demon and her father’s a human.”

Jiang Le was a little surprised. Most half-humans, half-demons had human mothers and demon fathers, but this girl was the other way around.

This made Jiang Le a little wary. He said, “Is Little Junior Sister’s mother willing to part with her?”

Li Shulan pursed her lips. She was an expert at reading expressions and could see that Jiang Le did not like her. She lowered her head and said, “My mother wanted to gift me to the cultivator Hong Tu.”

This Hong Tu was the strongest man in Black City. His most significant characteristic was his lust. He was lusty to the point that he didn’t even care who he released it on. Human women, demon woman, half-human, half-demon women, he would play with all of them.

Ning Shu had run into Li Shulan when Li Shulan was being sent to Hong Tu’s courtyard, so she brought her back.

Jiang Le: →_→

“So Master, we’ve once again offended the powerhouses of Black City, is that right?” said Jiang Le, feeling a little speechless.

So many people were already trying to snatch their guardian artifact. Now, they had just arrived at Black City, and once again offended people.

They couldn’t stay in Black City any longer.

Li Shulan dropped to her knees with a thud in front of Ning Shu. She knocked her forehead against the ground, making loud bangs. “Master, please don’t chase me away. I’m willing to do anything. I’m begging you. If I go back, my mother will kill me!”

Ning Shu didn’t mind it much. She already had so many troubles, so she didn’t care if she created more. She said, “If we can’t stay here any longer, we can always move.”

Ning Shu told the kneeling Li Shulan, “Get up. Since I brought you away, I will definitely be responsible for you. If you call me Master, I will certainly protect you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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