QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1256

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Chapter 1256: Copying, Copied, Copy Again

Ning Shu said happily, “Then looks like I got the right place! Don’t move, let me try the next one.”

Jing Shaoze’s expression became even more helpless as he stayed still to allow Ning Shu to jab him with more needles.

Ning Shu carefully pinpointed an acupoint and pressed the needle down. Jing Shaoze immediately cried out in pain, then asked, “Why was it so painful this time?”

Ning Shu looked at the acupuncture points diagram, then hurriedly pulled out the needle and said in a fluster, “Sorry, I got the wrong place.”

Jing Shaoze grimace with pain as he sat up and asked, “Are you done messing around now?”

Ning Shu asked in surprise, “If you knew that I was messing around, why did you still let me prick you?”

“If I refused, would you give up?” Jing Shaoze gently flicked Ning Shu’s forehead. “Jingjing, you have such a stubborn personality.”

Ning Shu inwardly scoffed. What a good man this was.

Was this man truly gentle, or did he only show his true self in front of Ye Xi? Perhaps it was only in front of Ye Xi that he counted as a true man, a man that made women want to submit to him.

Ning Shu pulled out the rest of the needles. She saw that a purple bead of blood was emerging from an acupoint so she wiped it off and said, “Put your clothes back on. I think I’d better find a dummy to practice on first.”

Jing Shaoze slowly put on his clothes. His movements were relaxed and elegant, emitting a natural nobility.

Jing Shaoze patted Ning Shu’s head with a gentle expression. “Jingjing, don’t worry and take your time. I like you no matter what you’re like.”

Ning Shu just smiled.

After dinner, Jing Shaoze took a walk with Ning Shu around the villa’s garden, but then he got a phone call and said to Ning Shu, “Something’s come up at the company so I’m going to head over. I might not be coming back tonight.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Jing Shaoze kissed Ning Shu’s forehead, then left.

Ning Shu headed back to her bedroom and turned on her laptop. It was displaying the situation inside Ye Xi’s room. Ye Xi was currently doing yoga inside her room.

Ning Shu started practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, but soon she was interrupted by sounds from the laptop.

Jing Shaoze who had gone to work earlier had come back and entered Ye Xi’s room. As of now, he was on top of Ye Xi.

Ye Xi sounded a little out of breath as she said, “Jing Shaoze, let’s not do this after all. Can’t we go with artificial insemination?”

Jing Shaoze’s voice was very cold. “Of course this will come to a stop. It’ll stop as soon as you get pregnant. Since you chose to become a surrogate mother, shouldn’t you be able to endure anything for sake of money?”

“I… Please don’t be like this…” Jing Shaoze cut her off before she could finish speaking.

Ning Shu watched as the two inside the room tumbled together passionately. Jing Shaoze was very wild so Ye Xi could barely take it.

Ni Jing had never seen Jing Shaoze like this. When Jing Shaoze was on the bed with Ni Jing, he was always very gentle.

Ni Jing had always thought that Jing Shaoze was simply a gentle person.

However, all men had the aggressive desire to conquer.

Ning Shu saved the video.

The two tumbled together several times during the course of this one night. Ning Shu yawned as she copied each video to the USB flash drive.

She even made sure that there were several copies so that if one was destroyed, there would still be another one.

Once it was finally over, Jing Shaoze put his clothes back on. As of now, Ye Xi was already so tired that she had fallen asleep.

As Jing Shaoze took in the sight of Ye Xi’s appearance after his pampering, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch her face. However, right afterwards, he snapped out of it. This was just a surrogate mother and he had his wife Ni Jing!

Jing Shaoze’s expression was dazed and contained internal struggle. Afterwards, he roughly shook Ye Xi awake. Ye Xi looked confused in a very innocent way and looked towards Jing Shaoze in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

When Jing Shaoze saw her like this, he became even more angry. He didn’t know whether he was angry with Ye Xi or with himself.

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