QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1393

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Chapter 1393: Why Didn’t You Knock?

Ning Shu’s knocks were very loud, but it was like Cai Anqi was deaf.

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows and went to find the key to open the bedroom door. When she opened the door, she found that Cai Anqi was sitting in the room, stark naked, in front of a laptop. Without even a stitch of cloth on her body, Cai Anqi had her earphones on as she typed on the keyboard. She then started to touch her bare body with her hands and fondled her breasts.

She rubbed her front.

Ning Shu: …

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Ning Shu walked over and tapped Cai Anqi on the shoulder. Cai Anqi was so startled when she felt the tap that she visibly flinched. When she turned around in surprise, she saw that Ning Shu was standing behind her. Cai Anqi slammed her laptop shut in a fluster and hurriedly tried to cover her chest and her privates with her hands.

Ning Shu scoffed. She was eagerly showing off her body to men, but was now embarrassed when facing her, a woman?

Ning Shu lightly asked, “What were you doing? You aren’t even wearing any clothes.”

Cai Anqi was so alarmed by Ning Shu’s sudden appearance that she didn’t even hear what Ning Shu had said. She quickly took her earphones off and demanded, “Why didn’t you knock before entering my room?”

Ning Shu didn’t respond and glanced over Cai Anqi’s body. Feeling uncomfortable under Ning Shu’s stare, Cai Anqi hastily grabbed her clothes and rushed into the bathroom to get dressed.

After a while, Cai Anqi came out, fully dressed, with an agitated look on her face. She was feeling greatly embarrassed, so she sounded much less confident as she asked, “Why didn’t you knock on the door?”

“I did. I knocked for quite some time. You didn’t hear me.” Ning Shu said, “So why weren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“I was talking to my close girlfriends.” Cai Anqi lied, “It’s a kind of game for girls. Geez, you wouldn’t understand, Mother.”

Ning Shu: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Talking was talking. Who would undress to talk? Does she take everyone for a fool?

Ning Shu just continued to stare at her. Ning Shu’s silence made Cai Anqi feel uneasy, so she apprehensively asked, “Mother… Mom, were you looking for me for something?”

Ning Shu said, “Come with me to buy food.”

Cai Anqi had been caught doing something bad, so she felt sheepish and had no choice but to relent and go grocery shopping with Ning Shu.

Ning Shu had Cai Anqi carry the vegetable basket, and together they went out to buy food.

Cai Anqi couldn’t help but worry that her mother-in-law would tell Wang Bo about the incident, so she nervously asked, “Mother…”

But Cai Anqi didn’t know what to say. Could it be that she should directly ask this old woman whether or not she was aware of what she had done earlier?

Ning Shu took in Cai Anqi’s constipated expression and inwardly sneered. She feigned ignorance and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Cai Anqi quickly shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

It was the hottest period of the summer. Even in the morning, it was boiling. Cai Anqi was sweating profusely, yet she had to walk all the way to the food market under the blazing sun. It truly felt agonizing.

Cai Anqi was so infuriated that she wanted to smash the basket on Ning Shu’s head, but she didn’t dare to. She had no choice but to follow Ning Shu obediently.

When Cai Anqi saw that Ning Shu was walking along effortlessly, she couldn’t help but feel even more vexed.

By the time they reached the food market, Cai Anqi’s clothes were already drenched in sweat. People should be staying inside to enjoy the AC in this kind of weather!

Ning Shu would leisurely pick up stuff from every vegetable stall she passed to check their freshness. Ning Shu’s unhurried pace made Cai Anqi gradually more impatient.

“The food in this store is very fresh, and I am also familiar with the owner,” said Ning Shu.

“I’m talking to you. Are you listening to me?” Ning Shu turned towards Cai Anqi, who was currently sweltering in the heat and vigorously fanning herself. When Cai Anqi heard what Ning Shu said, she casually nodded, “Yes, I’m listening.”

Ning Shu chose half a white gourd to put in the basket and Cai Anqi immediately cried out in surprise. She had to hastily grab the heavy basket with both her hands.

Ning Shu then continued to stroll around in the vegetable market. Cai Anqi carried the heavy basket of vegetables and followed Ning Shu, her face pale from fatigue.

While Ning Shu was taking her sweet time choosing grocery items, Cai Anqi had to carry the heavy basket until her palms were completely red. Cai Anqi was furious.

She wanted to fling the basket away and leave.

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