QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1307

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Chapter 1307: Full Blessings For a Son

Jing Shaoze sent Ning Shu an invitation and said that she had to come to his wedding to witness this happy moment for him and Ye Xi.

When Ning Shu got the invitation, she threw it straight in the trash. On the day of Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi’s marriage ceremony, she sent a basket of red dates, peanuts, osmanthus, and melon seeds.

They had her full blessings that they got a son soon. He wanted to have a competition on who could disgust the other more?

Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi got married very grandly. Their wedding was even bigger than Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing’s ‘wedding of the century.’

Jing Shaoze had done this on purpose. He even broadcasted it live on TV.

As Ning Shu took in their happy appearances, she curled her lips in disdain. She’d like to see how long they would be able to stay happy.

Marriage was the gravebed of love. After being married for a long time, even if they didn’t come to resent each other, their life would still become filled with quarrels and indifference.

What’s more, they even had a ticking bomb, which was the fact that Jing Shaoze couldn’t have children. This meant that Ye Xi won’t ever have children.

Unless she had it with another man.

The so-called happiness was completely superficial. Who knew what things were like behind closed doors?

This grand wedding cost a lot of money. This beautiful dream, this wedding ceremony that every woman felt envious of, was created by burning money.

At first, Jing Shaoze’s father hadn’t agreed to this since the family still needed to pay 200 million yuan in divorce compensation. However, Jing Shaoze said to his father, “This is all that my life will amount to.”

Jing Shaoze was talking about the fact that he couldn’t have children. He was extremely depressed, so he wanted to vent somehow.

Jing Shaoze’s father had no choice but to let him burn all this money to make this huge scene.

After the wedding, Jing Shaoze’s father started looking for a surrogate mother. No matter what, Jing family had to have a successor.

Jing Shaoze’s father, for some reason, couldn’t help but feel that Ye Xi brought bad luck. It felt like the Jing family’s fortune had been stained by her bad luck.

Her father’s company had been facing bankruptcy and after she came to the Jing family, Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing got divorced. They ended up having to pay a lot of compensation money and their cooperation with the Ni family also fell apart.

Ni Yan, the eldest son of the Ni family, had withdrawn from all the cooperation plans and while at it, also took away many of the company’s customers.

Some companies that they used to work with would no longer work with them either. This was definitely the Ni family’s doings. It caused the company’s profits to greatly diminish.

The board members were also making a ruckus since they weren’t getting as much money as before. The ambitious Director Li was practically hopping with excitement. He looked like he wanted to take over the company immediately.

Jing Shaoze’s father was both mentally and physically exhausted, but he couldn’t stop looking for a surrogate mother.

There were a lot of women who wanted to gain a connection to a powerful family. When they learned that the Jing family was looking for a surrogate mother, one of them launched an unexpected attack. She directly got Jing Shaoze’s father drunk during a business dinner and collected his semen.

She then went to the hospital to get impregnated. Furthermore, it was guaranteed to be a boy.

People would do anything for money.

When Ning Shu found out about this, she just smiled.

Nowadays, she would call the Jing family whenever she had time to urge him to pay her. Sometimes it was Ye Xi who answered the phone. Ye Xi and Jing Shaoze were married now, so she was a lot more confident when facing Ning Shu and no longer withdrew timidly.

She even implied for Ning Shu not to call the house anymore and said that they would definitely give her the money.

Ning Shu’s lips hooked. When Ye Xi had been a mistress, she hadn’t felt that there was anything wrong about calling the guy. But now that she became the legitimate wife, she was now on guard against being cheated on.

When a mistress managed to get a guy, it was true love. With true love as a shield, they would be successful in every endeavor, so now Ye Xi was on guard against being cheated on herself.

Ning Shu hung up. So that was all that their happiness turned out to be.

The only truly dependable relationship was when both people were independent and encouraged each other to be better versions of themselves while mutually supporting and complementing each other.

They couldn’t even achieve the most basic level of equality, so how was she supposed to conquer the man? Was the fact that a man doted on her proof that she had conquered him?

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