QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1390

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Chapter 1390: In Any Case, There Are No Leftovers

“We have a comfortable life now, but it’ll be too late for regret if something unfortunate does happen. Cai Anqi’s family background isn’t anything special, so how did they end up raising their daughter to be so loose with money?” said Ning Shu with a puzzled expression.

Wang Bo didn’t know how to answer his mother. After a long silence, he finally said, “Anqi just got married so she’s probably not used to things yet.”

Not yet used to what? Ning Shu felt that Cai Anqi was already quite comfortable here. She didn’t even bother to be polite at all.

“Alright, just eat,” said Ning Shu to Wang Bo.

Wang Bo glanced towards the bedroom. “Mom, do you want me to tell Anqi to come out and eat?”

Ning Shu said with an amiable expression, “She doesn’t like eating these things so just let her be.”

“But…” Wang Bo’s brows furrowed slightly, but he didn’t dare contradict Ning Shu. He had no choice but to sit back down and eat. However, he ate at lightning speed. He quickly shoveled all the rice in the bowl into his mouth, then pushed the chopsticks and bowl away to head back into the bedroom to check on Cai Anqi.

Ning Shu unhurriedly ate by herself. After she finished eating, she emptied the rest of the food into the trash. If Cai Anqi didn’t want to eat, then don’t eat.

In any case, there are no leftovers now.

After that, Ning Shu headed back into her room to train some more.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Cai Anqi woke up feeling very hungry. Earlier in the evening, she and Wang Bo had tussled on the bed too, so now she was starving.

Cai Anqi woke up Wang Bo who was sleeping beside her. He asked in a nasal voice, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m hungry. Go and get me some food.” Cai Anqi kicked Wang Bo’s leg.

It was the middle of the night, the time when people were usually the most sleepy. Furthermore, he even had to go to work tomorrow. However, When he saw her like this, he could only sigh softly and get up.

Cai Anqi finally smiled. She also got out of bed to sit at the dining table to wait for dinner.

Wang Bo went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. However, there were no cooked foods.

Wang Bo had no choice but to knock on Ning Shu’s door. Ning Shu was in the middle of training when she heard a knock, so she went to open the door and saw Wang Bo. She glanced over at Cai Anqi, who was sitting on a chair, waiting to be fed, then asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Mom, wasn’t there a lot of leftovers earlier?” asked Wang Bo. “Anqi was hungry, so I wanted to make her some fried rice.”

Ning Shu frowned and said, “Didn’t Anqi say that leftovers were unhealthy? I threw them all out. There’s no food left.”

Didn’t she refuse to eat leftovers before?

“She threw them out.” Wang Bo looked towards Cai Anqi helplessly.

Cai Anqi almost couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes in exasperation. She felt that her mother-in-law was intentionally trying to annoy her.

Yang Ziyi had dumped out all the leftover food despite knowing that she didn’t eat dinner and even took what she had previously said and used it against her. Cai Anqi was irritated but she couldn’t come up with a reason to refute Yang Ziyi.

Ning Shu rubbed her forehead in exhaustion and said, “If you’re hungry, you can cook some noodles. I’m not feeling very well so cook for yourself.”

Ning Shu then shut the door and went to sleep.

OUtside the room, Wang Bo and Cai Anqi looked at each other in dismay. Cai Anqi suppressed her anger and coquettishly said, “Wang Bo, I’m hungry.”

Wang Bo had no choice but to try and cook noodles for Cai Anqi. He had never cooked a bowl of noodles in his life, so the taste was not that great. The noodles were so soggy they nearly became paste and did not look appetizing at all.

Although Wang Bo was a child of a single-parent family, Yang Ziyi had seldom let him do any housework. Yang Ziyi had tried her best to take good care of her son.

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