QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1372

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Chapter 1372: This Was Power

This was power. Immense power! Ning Shu had never thought that she would become so powerful.

And Jiang Le’s spiritual energy had also transformed. Ning Shu asked him to use his consciousness to guide the spiritual energy out. Jiang Le practiced for a while before he was able to successfully release it.

His spiritual energy was indeed in the shape of a tiger. She just had to wait and see what shape Li Shulan would cultivate.

Ning Shu wondered whether or not she could scrape together an animal atlas.

“Continue working hard. It’s not bad,” Ning Shu encouraged Jiang Le. “Go and catch some game. We’ll feast tonight.”

Jiang Le: …

Qing Yue had disappeared for more than half a month. Even now, he still hadn’t appeared. Maybe he had vomited blood and died while refining the artifact.

So worrying.

After a full month, Qing Yue still hadn’t come back. Ning Shu was a little confused. Did it really take this much time to refine a sect gate?

Ning Shu stretched her neck out to look around every day, waiting for Qing Yue to return.

After almost two months, Qing Yue finally returned with a tired expression.

Ning Shu felt very uncomfortable. She was always troubling the kelp. Everything the kelp owed her, he had already repaid in full. He didn’t owe her anything, but he still helped her like this. She was very grateful and asked, “Are you hungry? Want to eat some fasting pills?”

Qing Yue glanced at her, then stretched out his hand. On it was a very small, house-shaped thing. He asked, “Where do you want to put the sect gate?”

“There… no, here… no, it’s too close to the river, the tide is very… ” Ning Shu looked around, carefully trying to find a suitable place.

Qing Yue didn’t bother to look. He raised his hand and the house flew up into the sky. Under everyone’s gazes, it grew bigger and bigger, until it was large enough to cover the heavens and earth, huge beyond compare.

Then, it fell heavily on the ground, causing the ground beneath their feet to tremble a little.

Ning Shu’s group of master and disciples stared at the sect gate dazedly. The whole gate was solemn and majestic. The two words ‘Longevity Sect’ were distant and boundless, seeming to have stood upright through countless years to the present, with endless longevity.

Ning Shu took the lead in going up the steps, exclaiming in astonishment all the way.

There were public squares, main halls, bridges, and countless buildings.

There was a medicinal garden full of spiritual soil, a library, and an alchemy room. Everything that should be there was there.

Ning Shu told Qing Yue, “Thank you.”

Qing Yue said, “Its defensive ability is good, and it can automatically gather the surrounding spiritual energy. I’ve set up a formation. If the place is subjected to too much power and can’t take it, the formation will be activated.”

It was simply too awesome. Ning Shu shook Qing Yue’s hand. “I’ll combine a thousand words of appreciation into one sentence: Comrade, you’ve worked hard.”

Qing Yue withdrew his hand and asked, “Is it still necessary to have a large protective formation for the mountain? I can lay down a protective formation.”

“Yes, yes…” Ning Shu nodded quickly. “I’ll have to trouble you. I really feel bad. It feels like I’m taking advantage of you.”

Qing Yue didn’t care much. “I don’t have anything else to do anyways.”

Ning Shu: …

Qing Yue reinforced the whole sect’s protective formation. The sect was hidden and was now as secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water. It really gave people a strong sense of security.

Ning Shu stood in the tallest main hall and said boldly, “Longevity Sect has officially opened.”

“We disciples pay our respects to Master.” Jiang Le and Li Shulan knelt down.

Ning Shu sat on a chair and looked at the vast square outside. In the future, there would be more and more people in this place.

This was where the half-humans, half-demons would be able to live their lives peacefully. Maybe, when Longevity Sect became stronger, the half-humans, half-demons’ circumstances would become better.

They’d no longer be mice in hiding that could be hunted down and slaughtered by anybody, born into this world without knowing anything and being surrounded by malice for a lifetime.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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