QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1292

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Chapter 1292: The Court Sent a Subpoena

“Those disgusting wretches!” Father Ni said between gritted teeth, “Divorce, you have to get divorced! Those bastards!”

Father Ni called Ni Yan, who was at work, and told him to get his ass back here.

When Ni Jing’s older brother came back and saw that Father Ni look like he wanted to smash everything in sight, he asked, “What’s with you?”

“Look at this bunch of bastards.” Father Ni pushed the computer in front of Ni Yan.

Ni Yan lifted his brows as he looked towards the video, then his expression became increasingly strange. After he finished watching the video, he asked Ning Shu, “How did you get this?”

“By recording it of course,” replied Ning Shu.

Ni Yan said, “You’re quite strong to have been able to watch this without getting a heart attack.”

Was that supposed to be a compliment?

“We can’t let the Jing family off like this.” Father Ni was so angry his breathing was unsteady.

Ni Yan looked towards Ning Shu and said, “I think you should get divorced. Staying in a family like that deals too much harm to your body. And who knows if they’ll eventually do something to directly hurt you? The only reason they bothered to try to keep this from you was because they were worried about the Ni family.”

“Big Brother, I’ll definitely get divorced. I’ve already found a lawyer. All that I’m waiting for is for the court to summon Jing Shaoze,” said Ning Shu.

Father Ni immediately nodded. “Get divorced. Dad will raise you. Once Dad is gone, your brother will raise you.”

“Do you need me to do anything?” asked Ni Yan.

“Nothing for the time being.” The material she had gathered was enough to destroy the Jing family’s reputation.

She didn’t need to worry about anything. After all, the Ni family’s status was comparable to that of the Jing family’s.

Ning Shu stayed with the Ni family and Mother Ni cooked a lot of food that Ni Jing liked. She kept getting food for Ning Shu while wiping at her tears.

Ning Shu ate whatever Mother Ni got her since she wasn’t picky. When conditions were difficult, she could pretty much eat anything.

Ni Yan ate slowly in a refined manner. He glanced at Ning Shu, then said, “Good thing you didn’t overreact to things. If you ended up letting the Jing family find out in advance that you were aware of what they were doing, perhaps you wouldn’t have been able to come back. You weren’t in good health in the first place, so even if something had happened, they could just write it off as you had a heart attack and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Ning Shu nodded. Why else would she have endured things? If the Jing family locked her up, there was no way she could escape. This body was too weak, she’d run out of breath before even taking a few steps.

She called the lawyer and asked him to prepare the materials for the court session quickly, then asked him when the court would be holding the trial.

Jing Shaoze was currently with Ye Xi. He had bought a small house for Ye Xi in an ordinary neighborhood. Although it was in a remote location, the interior was very luxurious.

The two were in the middle of tumbling when Jing Shaoze’s phone rang. The moment he answered, his father roared, “Where are you? Get back here right now! The court sent a subpoena.”

Jing Shaoze was baffled, but since this incident had been enough to make his father loses his composure, it must be something big. He immediately prepared to go back.

Ye Xi wrapped her arms around Jing Shaoze’s waist and Jing Shaoze gently patted her hands. “I need to head back. You should just rest up for today.”

Ye Xi nodded sweetly and watched Jing Shaoze leave.

When Jing Shaoze got back home, he was slapped in the face with a piece of paper. His father roared, “Look at this! Ni Jing wants to get divorced with you and directly filed a lawsuit!”

Jing Shaoze was completely taken aback and it took him a while to recover. “What divorce? Who wanted to get divorced?”

Jing Shaoze looked at the court summons. It was so abrupt. Why did Ni Jing suddenly want to get divorced? There hadn’t been any warning signs at all.

Jing Shaoze’s father rubbed his forehead wearily. “Ni Jing is now back at her mother’s house. Hurry and go get her back. Make sure to be humble about it.”

“If she wants to get divorced, then let her. I have no desire to keep a daughter-in-law like this.” Jing Shaoze’s mother curled her lips in disdain.

“Shut up! You seriously have no brains!” shouted Jing Shaoze’s father, his expression dark.

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