QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235: It was the Lady from…

“Did someone say something to you?” Ning Shu asked the wet nurse.

The wet nurse seemed to hate Ning Shu a lot. “No one said anything to me. I just couldn’t stand the sight of you keeping the little master to yourself. You only want him to be close to you.”

Ning Shu was a little speechless. She had harmed the child due to this kind of reason?

No, there was no way an incident in the inner courtyard could be that simple. There was a motive behind every move.

“Lady…” Ning Shu drew close to Lady Niohuru’s ear and said in a low voice, “Lady, this servant feels that someone had probably instigated this wet nurse.”

There were a lot of benefits for a wet nurse that served a rich family. Furthermore, this child was the grandson of the current Emperor, so there were a lot of intangible benefits. If the child was attached to her, there were even more benefits.

Ning Shu hadn’t allowed the wet nurse to get close to the child, that was why the wet nurse resented her so much.

If someone had instigated this whole thing, everything made perfect sense.

Lady Niohuru looked at the wet nurse who was kneeling on the ground. She took a moment to suppress the anger rising in her heart, then said to Tong Yu, “Go call the prince. We must let the prince know about this.”

The wet nurse’s face instantly turned white and she started kowtowing desperately. “Lady, please let this humble woman off this once! Please spare me, Lady!”

“Keep it down. You’ll disturb my child,” said Lady Niohuru lightly.

The wet nurse was frightened by the look on Lady Niohuru’s face so she immediately shut up. Her face was filled with fear.

Tong Yu went to call Yinzhen. It was probably because this incident was very severe, because Yinzhen arrived very quickly. He walked into the room and immediately asked, “What happened?”

Lady Niohuru wept as she told him about everything.

After Yinzhen heard about the entire incident, he rubbed his forehead with a cold expression. “What is going on? Why do we always encounter these malicious wet nurses?”

“We can’t let her off. There are several more children in this residence. If every wet nurse is like this, will my children even be able to grow up?” Yinzhen’s expression was cold.

The wet nurse’s face was pale as paper and her entire body was trembling. She could barely speak clearly as she cried in fear, “Prince, please spare my life! This humble woman is wrongly accused!”

Yinzhen had the wet nurse dragged out. The wet nurse hastily shouted, “Prince, someone had asked this humble woman to do this!”

Yinzhen’s expression was cold. “Oh? Who incited you to do such a thing?”

“It was the lady from Seeping Heart Garden! That lady said that if I could get close to the little master, I’ll definitely gain fortune and status in the future!” The wet nurse spoke hurriedly, worried that she’d be beaten to death if she was too slow.

Yinzhen said coldly, “Not only did you mistreat my child, you’re also slandering one of the masters in this inner courtyard? What would we keep such a disloyal servant for?”

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