QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231: Please Look After My Child

Lady Niohuru felt that a lot of people were eyeing her child. She couldn’t trust other people at all, so she wanted Ning Shu to take care of her child.

As she was giving birth, this girl was the one who had saved her and her child, so Lady Niohuru now trusted Ning Shu a little. Moreover, this girl had medical skills so if her child showed any signs of abnormality, this girl would be the first to notice.

Lady Niohuru took Ning Shu’s hand and said, “Miao Ling, I hope you’ll help me look after my child. I can’t trust anyone else in my current condition.”

Ning Shu really wanted to shake off Lady Niohuru’s hand, but she endured it and just respectfully said, “This servant doesn’t have any experience taking care of children. I’m afraid I’ll fail to live up to your expectations.”

“I don’t need you to take care of my child. I just hope that you’ll stay by the child’s side and while at it…” Lady Niohuru said in a low voice, “Help me keep an eye on the wet nurse. I’m not sure I can trust her.”

The repeated incidents had caused Lady Niohuru to become like an easily startled bird. It also made her trust this maid, who had come to her aid several times, a lot more.

Ning Shu: No, I don’t want to…

“Once my puerperium period is over, I’ll take care of the child myself,” said Lady Niohuru. She then shot Tong Yu a look. On this cue, Tong Yu took out a small box from the dresser.

“The lady wishes to give you this,” said Tong Yu as she opened the small box. It contained all sorts of jewelry including necklaces, hairpins, bracelets. A box of jewelry like this had considerable value. For ordinary people, it could feed them for a lifetime.

Ning Shu hastily curtised and said, “Lady, this is too much. This servant can’t accept it.”

Having a lot of money wasn’t always a good thing, especially since she was only a servant girl right now. If she really only agreed to take care of the child after accepting this box, once Lady Niohuru was out of her current predicament, Lady Niohuru would probably look for her to settle the accounts. Putting herself in Lady Niohuru’s shoes, if she was the master, it’d be weird if she didn’t feel irritated about having to reward her servants to get them to do things for her .

At that time, Lady Niohuru only had to come up with a casual reason to get rid of her. She was just a servant who had no control over her own fate. There was no way for her to negotiate with Lady Niohuru on equal grounds.

Besides, once the task was completed, she’d leave this body and the original host would return. If Lady Niohuru found fault with the original host and anything happened to the original host, it would be on her.

She was using the original host’s body, so she had never considered leaving problems for the original host to resolve.

After thinking things through, Ning Shu waved her hand dismissively and said, “This servant will definitely take good care of the little master, but this servant can’t accept these things. This servant is only a lowly servant. This box is way more valuable than this servant herself, so it’ll only attract trouble. Besides, Lady, you’ve already given this servant quite a lot of rewards already. This servant already feels uneasy about accepting those things, so this servant truly cannot accept this as well.”

Ning Shu curtised and added, “This servant will definitely do her best to take care of the little master.”

Lady Niohuru’s lips hooked. “Since that’s the case, I’ll be counting on you.”

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