QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1302

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Chapter 1302: Not That Easy to Take

This was a terrible scandal for the Jing family and every time they went to court, this scandal would be brought up again. The longer they delayed things, the more damage to their reputation they would have to suffer.

It would also allow the ambitious people in the company such as Director Li, to gain more power.

This scandal would be repeatedly mentioned and the media would continue to follow it enthusiastically. The Jing family would be the only one suffering from this.

It would even affect the operation of their company and its stock price.

Once Jing Shaoze calmed down, he also realized his family was the side that would suffer more if they dragged on the divorce.

In court he had been so furious that all the blood had rushed to his head, which was why he had said that he would never agree to the divorce.

Jing Shaoze was a businessman. Even in the most unfavorable situations, he had to guarantee that the loss was minimal. There was no way they could give Ni Jing 200 million yuan for emotional distress.

How dare she dare to ask for 200 million? How was she worth anywhere near 200 million?

Jing Shaoze subconsciously also looked down on Ni Jing because of her illness.

Jing Shaoze wanted to talk to Ning Shu, but Ning Shu paid no attention to him. She directly blacklisted him in every one of her calls and messaging apps.

Jing Shaoze had no choice but to find someone to stay near the Ni family and report to him as soon as Ning Shu stepped out the door. That way, he could go meet her.

Ning Shu would occasionally go out for a walk. There was no way a person could stay cooped up inside all the time.

But as soon as she went out, Jing Shaoze would follow her, saying that he wanted to discuss the issue of the emotional distress compensation.

Jing Shaoze said that he would agree to the divorce, but there was no way they could give her 200 million as emotional distress compensation.

Ning Shu’s attitude was very firm. 200 million and not a single yuan less. She wasn’t afraid to fight the lawsuit, and just like Jing Shaoze said, she’d like to see who could hold out the longest.

As Jing Shaoze looked at this face, his heart was boiling with anger. He really wanted to just snap this woman’s neck.

Ning Shu naturally noticed the murderous intention in Jing Shaoze’s eyes. She swung her handbag hard against his face, and then turned and got into her car to go home.

She noticed that someone was surveilling the house and so she called the police.

Ning Shu said to the police, “Jing Shaoze hired people to help him murder me so that he wouldn’t have to worry about getting divorced. At the same time, he wouldn’t have to worry about the emotional distress compensation of 200 million anymore either.”

The police arrested the people carrying out the surveillance and went to confront Jing Shaoze. When Jing Shaoze heard Ning Shu’s accusation, he was so angry that he was about to explode. Now he really really wanted to kill this woman.

Jing Shaoze repeatedly told the police that he just wanted to know when Ni Jing would be heading out, that he had just wanted to talk to Ni Jing.

However, the fact that Jing Shaoze had hired people to tail Ning Shu showed impure motives, so repeated attempts to explain only made matters worse.

Ni Yan transferred several security guards from the company to the Ni family home to protect Ning Shu. At the same time, he asked the police to pay more attention to Jing Shaoze.

Jing Shaoze had a motive to kill. If anything happened to his sister, Jing Shaoze was the number one suspect along with the other members of the Jing family.

With this, there was no way for Jing Shaoze to hire people to monitor the Ni family anymore. So he couldn’t keep tabs on Ning Shu’s situation, much less meet with her.

He had been hoping to finish negotiations before the next court session, but now things were just great. He had been accused of trying to murder his wife and couldn’t even go see Ning Shu.

“Forget it. If she wants 200 million, just give her 200 million,” said Jing Shaoze’s father lightly.

“Dad, why are we giving it to her? 200 million is too much.” Jing Shaoze disagreed strongly.

“But this 200 million isn’t that easy to take. How dare a woman who can’t even give birth ask for so much money?” said Jing Shaoze’s father coldly.

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