QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1258

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Chapter 1258: The Only Outsider in This Family

Ning Shu kept a gentle smile on her face. Ohoho, these two clearly already had feelings for each other, but were suppressing things due to external circumstances.

“It’s all my fault. I’ll definitely fix my health.” Ye Xi hastily spoke up when she saw that the people sitting around the dining table were starting to argue.

“Alright, be quiet and just eat,” said Jing Shaoze’s father. He then glanced at his son. “What are you making such a ruckus for?”

Jing Shaoze’s father held absolute authority in the Jing family. As soon as he spoke, no one else dared to speak. He was also an elegant and handsome man. Jing Shaoze had inherited his outstanding appearance from his father.

Jing Shaoze’s father had silently approved of this surrogacy. If he hadn’t, Jing Shaoze’s mother wouldn’t have dared to do this.

So it turned out that Ni Jing was the only outsider in this family. She had been so naïve and hadn’t known anything.

Ning Shu pressed her lips together and ate with her head lowered. She already had a plan in mind.

Ning Shu disliked Jing Shaoze’s mother quite a lot. As a fellow woman, why make things hard for another woman? She had found a mistress for her son in order to ruin the relationship between Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing.

Ning Shu even got the feeling that there was some great grudge between Jing Shaoze’s mother and Ni Jing. Could it be because Ni Jing couldn’t have a child?

However, the most disgusting one in this entire affair was Jing Shaoze. He said that he loved Ni Jing, but he cheated on her both emotionally and physically.

If he really loved Ni Jing, why would he sleep together with Ye Xi? He was having a child with some other woman behind his wife’s back, yet he still had the shamelessness to say that he loved Ni Jing?

In any case, everyone here should prepare to suffer.

After breakfast, Jing Shaoze kept trying to talk to Ye Xi, but Ye Xi headed right back to her room to rest. Since so many people were looking, he couldn’t very well go directly to Ye Xi’s room.

So Jing Shaoze had a horrible expression on his face as he headed to work, like someone owed him money.

Ning Shu said to Jing Shaoze’s mother, “When can Miss Ye go through the operation? I think it’d be better if we made it sooner. The longer Miss Ye stays in our house, the more it’ll ruin her reputation.”

Jing Shaoze’s mother frowned. “Let’s wait awhile longer.”

Ning Shu didn’t ask again. Jing Shaoze’s mother was probably waiting for Ye Xi to become pregnant naturally and give birth to an heir for the Jing family.

“I’m going to go talk to Ye Xi. She’s not feeling well, so I’m going to see if she needs to go to the hospital.” Jing Shaoze’s mother headed to Ye Xi’s room.

Ning Shu quickly went upstairs and opened the computer. Jing Shaoze’s mother and Ye Xi appeared on the screen.

Ye Xi was sitting on the bed and Jing Shaoze’s mother was standing beside the bed as she asked, “How are you feeling? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Ye Xi’s face was a little red as she shook her head and said, “I’m fine, I’m just too tired.”

An expression of realization appeared on Jing Shaoze’s mother’s face and she said, “You should hurry and get pregnant.”

Ye Xi’s face instantly flushed red, to the point that even her neck was pink. She whispered, “Mrs. Jing, I’ll try my best, but… can I get artificial insemination? This isn’t really good.”

Jing Shaoze’s mother said mildly, “What’s not good about it? Your duty is to give birth to the successor of the Jing family. Furthermore, it must be a healthy successor.”

“But what about Ni Jing?” A trace of guilt appeared on Ye Xi’s face. “If she found out, she wouldn’t be able to bear it.”

Ye Xi looked towards Jing Shaoze’s mother. “Is this really okay?”

If it weren’t for the fact that her father’s company was facing a severe crisis, there was no way she would become a surrogate mother. She was giving birth to a child for someone else before she even got married and this child, in the future, would have no blood relationship with her.

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