QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1381

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Chapter 1381: Failed the Task

Ning Shu didn’t know what she did wrong for the task to fail this time.

If Xiao Susu wanted to turn herself into either a human or a demon, then Ning Shu was also helpless.

If she hadn’t had that protective talisman, she would’ve been exterminated.

Ning Shu asked 2333, “Why did it fail?”

2333 muttered to himself for a moment before saying, “It’s because the entrustor Xiao Susu judged your task to be a failure.”

Ning Shu felt even more bewildered.

The entrustor Xiao Susu appeared in the system space. Ning Shu asked her, “Why did you judge my counterattack as a fail?”

Xiao Susu pursed her lips and finally said, “You didn’t do anything in that world, but had a lightning fast cultivation speed, got all sorts of rare treasures, and established a sect.”

“Meanwhile I’m a person with poor aptitude. Your counterattack was simply not like my life at all,” said Xiao Susu lightly.

Ning Shu furrowed her brows tightly. “But if I wasn’t strong, how would I be able to cast off the shackles of your bloodline?”

“However, your overwhelming advantage came about because you had people to help you. But, I didn’t have anyone,” said Xiao Susu. “I’ve paid with my soul, but I’m not satisfied with your counterattack.”

To put it plainly, when she saw how crazy smooth Ning Shu’s life in that world was, and then looked back at her own bitter life, she simply felt like she had been mocked.

“Okay, okay…” Ning Shu was simply speechless. She asked, “Then, will you ask another task-takers to counterattack for you?”

Xiao Susu shook her head. “I won’t.”

Ning Shu silently chanted the heart-clearing chant to suppress her irritation.

“Then, you don’t want to counterattack anymore?” asked Ning Shu, raising her eyebrows.

Xiao Susu was silent for a while before saying, “I plan on going back.”

“What do you mean?” Ning Shu looked at Xiao Susu, astonished. “Return to the world where I counterattacked for you?”

Xiao Susu nodded.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes and her expression turned cold. “You judged my task to be a failure. Now, you want to go back to the world where I counterattacked for you. Aren’t you simply trying to freeload? You just don’t want to offer up your soul energy, isn’t that right?”

Xiao Susu pursed her lips together and didn’t say anything.

2333 said, “Not complying with the rules of the transaction. Extermination.”

Xiao Susu became alarmed. Her soul was slowly fading away. She yelled, “I won’t go back! Spare me, spare…”

Xiao Susu’s soul had completely disappeared, but the system space still seemed to reverberate with her pained, anguished wails.

Ning Shu had just seen a soul be exterminated right in front of her. She felt a bit alarmed. If she didn’t have a protective talisman, she would’ve vanished like smoke into thin air, just like Xiao Susu.

Ning Shu rubbed her forehead, feeling very tired.

“The entrustor can also be exterminated?” asked Ning Shu. She had always thought that only task-takers could be exterminated. She never thought that entrustors could also be exterminated.

2333 said solemnly, “She had the chance to request for a counterattack by offering up her soul to ask someone else to counterattack on her behalf, so she has to comply with the regulations. Lots of people want a counterattack, but don’t even have the opportunity to ask for it.”

Fine, so this task was done in vain.

2333 advised Ning Shu, “Next task, you have to first make things clear to the entrustor. Tell them that if they want a counterattack, they have to pay the price.”

Ning Shu nodded. “I know.”

She had suffered a loss this time. It was a bit of a waste to use that protective talisman that cost 35 merits like this.

“If the entrustor says the task is a fail, then it’s a fail?” asked Ning Shu. Failure meant extermination. If the entrustor could just fail the task-taker whenever they wanted, no matter how many protective talismans she had, it wouldn’t be enough.

2333 said, “It doesn’t depend on the entrustor only. There is a way to calculate points too. The major reason for why your task this time was a fail was because the amount of external help you received was too great. Once you leave, this luck won’t stay on the entrustor’s body.”

Ning Shu: (ノ*T_T*)ノ┴—┴ Emotionally flipping the table.

She felt like she would never be able to love again.

Translator: Lili

#LiLi’s comments: Welp. It is what it is. When I first read this ending, I was so shocked.

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

#Emi’s comments: *silently lights a candle for Ning Shu*

TLC: Kaho

#Kaho’s comments: Was a good run tho.

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