QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1365

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Chapter 1365: Food is Food

Jiang Le had never seen a cultivator as gluttonous as his master.

Every night, she would send him out to find food.

The heck, weren’t the fasting pills still there?

“Master, don’t we have fasting pills?” asked Jiang Le.

Ning Shu shot him a sidelong glance. “Fasting pills are fasting pills, food is food. When we cultivate our sect’s cultivation method, we have to continuously replenish our bodies’ energy.”

Jiang Le: …

If she’s gluttonous, she can be gluttonous. No need to torment him on top of it.

“Master has things to do, so the disciple should work harder. Back then, you said that you would treat me like your own mother,” said Ning Shu.

Jiang Le said, “Master, please wait. This disciple will be back very soon.”

Jiang Le immediately ran away.

Not long after, Jiang Le brought back the game. After it was roasted, he gave it to Ning Shu. He also ate some himself.

Ning Shu smiled happily. She felt that she should accept some more disciples to wait on her.

Qing Yue drank seawater by the side. He asked Ning Shu, “How can I go from one plane to another?”

This question was too profound. Ning Shu didn’t know how to respond.

She asked 2333 in her mind, “Do you know how cultivators can break through a plane?”

2333 said, “Wasn’t it that after the lightning tribulations, the world’s laws will reject them from the plane, which will allow them to enter a different plane?”

Ning Shu understood and told Qing Yue, “Have you ever experienced the lightning tribulation? Experiencing the lightning tribulation will cause you to be rejected by the world’s laws. Then, you will be able to leave this plane.”

Qing Yue’s brows furrowed. Ning Shu was a little surprised. “Don’t tell me that you haven’t experienced a lightning tribulation before? Didn’t you undergo one when you gained your human form?”

Qing Yue’s brows furrowed even more. Ning Shu shot him a sidelong glance. “You really didn’t?”

Qing Yue looked at Ning Shu somewhat dejectedly. “Back then, I saw a group of clouds following me, so I pierced through them and dispersed them.

“I only found out later that it was my lightning tribulation. After that, I never encountered another lightning tribulation.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu opened her mouth and then closed it. In the end, she patted Qing Yue’s shoulder.

“2333, did you hear that? The kelp is currently in this kind of situation. Is there any other way for him to break through? I think he’s been in this world so long that he’s become bored, so he wants to break out in order to see more of the world,” said Ning Shu.

2333 said, “There are space nodes. Every time I teleport, I need to find a space node in order to break through the planes and reach other planes.”

“Space node?” asked Ning Shu.

“It’s called a wormhole in the interstellar plane. It goes from one point to another,” explained 2333.

This kind of thing was really mind-blowing.

Ning Shu told Qing Yue, “Aren’t you able to teleport? What do you use to teleport?”

“Going from a start point to an end point, isn’t it just the law of space? Did you not know?” said Qing Yue.

F*ck, if I knew would I still need you to carry me by my collar?

Ning Shu said, “Breaking through planes is the same. You set up one point here and another outside the plane. Your goal now is to find that end point. Then, you can definitely break though with your own strength.”

Qing Yue became silent, obviously thinking about it.

Jiang Le: … I feel just like a retard.

What are these two saying? So high-brow.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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