QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1281

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Chapter 1281: What About the Surrogacy Fee?

From start to finish, Ye Xi didn’t say a word. She watched them quarrel silently since it seemed to have nothing to do with her.

She felt like her heart was ripping. For a surrogate fee of a couple million, she had even abandoned her dignity.

From the moment she first stepped on this path, she had no way to turn back.

Ye Xi looked towards Jing Shaoze. She wished that he would step forward to protect her, that he would stand protectively in front of her and say no to this.

But the only one he cared about was his wife.

Ye Xi felt extremely humiliated. She and Jing Shaoze were already sexually involved, but she would have to carry a pregnancy for his parents.

She really wanted to refuse, she really wanted to say no, but as she stood here in this luxurious living room, she knew she would have to take this path to its end for the sake of money.

In the end, Jing Shaoze’s father didn’t agree to let Ye Xi be their surrogate mother. It was clear that he was also aware that Ye Xi was his son’s woman.

Jing Shaoze’s mother breathed a sigh of relief.

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows and asked, “We hired Miss Ye as a surrogate mother, but now we don’t need Miss Ye anymore, so what do we do about the high surrogacy fee?”

When Ning Shu brought up the surrogate fee, Ye Xi immediately looked towards Jing Shaoze’s mother with pleading in her eyes. Her father’s company wouldn’t be able to survive without that funding.

Jing Shaoze’s mother now found Ye Xi an eyesore in every aspect so she said coldly, “Since there was no surrogacy, the money must of course be taken back.”

Ye Xi’s face turned pale and she stumbled as she walked over to Jing Shaoze’s mother.

She abruptly dropped to a kneel in front of Jing Shaoze’s mother and tugged at her skirt as she pleaded, “Madam, please, I’m begging you! My father’s still waiting on the money and I’ve already given my body…”

“Get up, I’ll help your father’s company out.” Jing Shaoze’s father interrupted Ye Xi, clearly not wanting her to reveal that she had already slept with Jing Shaoze.

The current situation was already extremely chaotic, he couldn’t allow her to say anything that would cause Ni Jing to explode.

If the Ni family started causing a ruckus, then things would really become a mess.

They had prepared for everything so things had been moving in a good direction. However, it had never occurred to them that there would be an issue with their son’s body.

Jing Shaoze’s father had only said this to stabilize the situation and calm Ye Xi down.

It caused Jing Shaoze’s mother to completely explode. She looked towards Jing Shaoze’s father disbelievingly and demanded, “Why are you helping her? Could it be that you actually plan to let her be our surrogate?”

“Or is it that you’ve taken a fancy to this vixen!?” Jing Shaoze’s mother started screaming crazedly while flailing her arms. One of her nails scratched Jing Shaoze’s father’s face, leaving a long bloody scratch.

“Enough, do you even know what you’re saying?” Jing Shaoze’s father could feel his face burning with pain and his facial muscles trembled. He glanced at his son, then rebuked his wife in a low voice.

“Mom,” said Jing Shaoze, his expression dark. “Don’t talk nonsense,”

Jing Shaoze’s mother instantly calmed down. She bit her lips hard and fell silent.

After this ruckus, the entire family was exhausted.

Ning Shu sat on the sofa and leisurely sipped on water as she took in the expressions of the people in the room.

Jing Shaoze’s father looked very worried.

Jing Shaoze’s mother was indignant and as she looked towards Ye Xi, her expression was very unfriendly. Ye Xi was no longer the woman who would give birth to her precious grandson.

Jing Shaoze was in a daze. He obviously still hadn’t recovered from the shock and probably thought that he was dreaming.

Ye Xi was crying silently, which caused people to feel heartache for her.

Ning Shu was the only one in the house who was in a good mood.

The Jing family had fallen into chaos.

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