QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1254

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Chapter 1254: So Skilled at Multi-tasking

After a while, Jing Shaoze came out with a glass of juice and placed it in Ning Shu’s hand. “Freshly squeezed.”

Didn’t you head off to flirt just now? You still had the time to squeeze juice? What a joke.

Ning Shu took a sip of the juice. Jing Shaoze said with a gentle expression, “I’m heading to the company soon. Be good at home.”

Ning Shu nodded obediently.

Jing Shaoze grabbed his handbag and left. Before he left, he even leaned over to kiss Ning Shu’s forehead. The peck was as light as a feather, his lips only brushed against her forehead.

When Jing Shaoze turned around, he saw Ye Xi standing nearby. His lips hooked, then he turned and left.

Ning Shu already had a plan in mind.

When she turned around, she saw Ye Xi standing there in a daze. Ye Xi quickly lowered her head to avoid making eye contact with Ning Shu.

Ning Shu didn’t say anything and just turned to go upstairs. She dug out the share certificate from the drawer. This one percent of the shares was originally a betrothal gift for the Ni family.

Ni Jing’s parents had given this share to her. One percent of the shares was enough for her to live a wealthy life.

However, Ning Shu wasn’t planning on keeping this one percent of the shares anymore. At the very least, she refused to leave it to the Jing family.

Ning Shu got changed, put the Jiuxin pills in her pocket, then grabbed her bag and left. She contacted the largest shareholder of the Jing family’s company.

There was always a person in every company who held a lot of the shares and posed a threat to the owner of the company.

Ning Shu planned to sell her one percent of the shares to that shareholder.

That shareholder was surprised to hear that Ning Shu wanted to sell her shares to him. He already held almost as many shares as the Jing family did. If he gained this additional one percent, the balance would gradually tip towards him.

After selling the shares, Ning Shu would gain a large sum of money, but she’d no longer gain a dividend from the company.

She then went to buy a set of acupuncture needles and a mini spy cam.

When she got back to the villa, she saw that Ye Xi was running on the treadmill. Her figure was slim and in good shape. It was obvious that she was very healthy.

Jing Shaoze’s mother had clearly put in a lot of effort in choosing a woman for her son.

When Ye Xi saw Ning Shu, she got off the treadmill. It was a good while before she finally said, “You’re back.” Right after she said that, she felt that it was off. It wasn’t her place to say this kind of thing.

Ye Xi seemed to be afraid of Ning Shu. Actually, it didn’t seem to be fear, but rather guilt and perhaps a little bit of shame.

Perhaps it was due to guilt that she had disappeared right after giving birth to the child. That in addition to the fact that she had been deeply hurt by Jing Shaoze at that time made her choose to leave.

However, it had been completely useless and instead ended up completely ruining the relationship between Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing. Ni Jing even ended up dying because of it.

After Ni Jing died, there was no one left to get in between them anymore so they finally had a happy ending.

Ning Shu thought about things for a moment, then said to Ye Xi, “I forgot to buy something. Can you help me buy it?”

Ye Xi obviously hadn’t expected for Ning Shu to ask her for help. “What is it?”

“I forgot to buy underwear. I only wear underwear of this brand, so can you buy it for me? The servants probably won’t be able to get it right.”

Ye Xi nodded and took the money that Ning Shu gave her. She went to her room to get changed then headed off.

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