QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1375

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Chapter 1375: Make Sure to Catch It

The human side obviously didn’t expect that the Immortal Sect’s guardian divine artifact had landed in other people’s hands. One by one, they all turned to look at the people from Immortal Sect.

In contrast, the demon side was rather happy. Xiao Susu’s father obviously didn’t think that Xiao Susu, this spy, would actually be able to get Immortal Sect’s divine artifact.

The corners of Xiao Susu’s father’s mouth hooked up as he looked at Ning Shu, making his face look even more handsome. “Susu, be obedient. Throw the Xuanyang sword over here.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Then, make sure to catch it.”

She obediently threw the Xuanyang sword to Xiao Susu’s father. After catching it, he inspected it closely. Only then did he grasp the hilt of the sword, wanting to unsheathe the sword.

The moment he unsheathed the Xuanyang Sword, it exploded, catching him off guard. A red wisp of blood that was as fine as a strand of hair rushed into Xiao Susu’s father’s heart.

Xiao Susu’s father immediately realized that something was wrong. He tore his clothes open at once and looked down at his chest. There was something swimming under his skin.

He suddenly felt like his heart was being gnawed at by bloodsucking worms. These bloodsucking worms that were as fine as strands of hair moved back and forth in his heart, causing him a lot of pain.

Xiao Susu’s father looked at Ning Shu with red eyes and cursed, “You wretch!” As he said that, he tried to activate the seal on Ning Shu’s body.

What made Xiao Susu’s father stunned was that the other party didn’t explode into minced meat like he expected.

He was a little taken aback. Did the seal have no effect? He tried again a few more times.

This turnaround had happened too abruptly. The humans had originally thought that the demons would get the Xuanyang Sword, but that demon actually ended up being infected by bloodsucking worms.

The human side couldn’t help but start to laugh contemptuously, looking smug.

Lord Qing Hua held the folding fan and fanned it slowly. His lips had curled up slightly, making him appear very leisurely. He didn’t look like he had come to fight at all.

Ning Shu took out the sky splitting axe again. As soon as the sky splitting axe was taken out, everyone’s gazes became focused on it.

Some of them had already seen the sky splitting axe before, but even upon seeing it again now, their breathing couldn’t help but speed up. After all, it was a divine artifact.

Ning Shu cupped her hands in salute towards Lord Qing Hua and said, “Lord Qing Hua and I had a master-disciple relationship for a period of time before. I fondly remember how Lord Qing Hua took care of me before, so I’ve decided to gift the Pangu Sky Splitting Axe to him.”

Lord Qing Hua was taken aback for a moment. He said lightly, “I won’t accept your things for no reason.”

Ning Shu said with a smile, “This can be considered as the end of our master-disciple relationship.”

When the other sects’s cultivators saw that Ning Shu was going to give the sky splitting axe to Immortal Sect, their eyes turned red. The Immortal Sect already had the Xuanyang Sword, and now they would get another sky splitting axe too.

Immortal Sect’s strength would take another leap forward.

The cultivators from the other sects all had ugly expressions on their faces.

Ning Shu didn’t care whether or not Lord Qing Hua wanted to accept it and just threw the sky splitting axe at him. Out of desire for the artifact, Lord Qing Hua still caught the sky splitting axe.

“Do you have any requests to ask of Immortal Sect?” asked Lord Qing Hua. There was no way she would give him the artifact for no reason.

Lord Qing Hua checked whether the axe in his hand was real.

Ning Shu smiled slightly, and the axe in Lord Qing Hua’s hand immediately turned to ashes. A bloodsucking worm that looked just like a wisp of blood rushed towards Lord Qing Hua’s heart.

Lord Qing Hua immediately used his fan to block the bloodthirsty worm and released fire, burning those red wisps of blood away.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

#Emi’s comments: Omg plot twist! She played both sides haha

TLC: Kaho

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