QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1382

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Chapter 1382: Jiang Le

Sure enough, cannon fodder should stay cannon fodder. Nothing protagonist-like should be done!

Ning Shu lay down on the sofa dispiritedly. She would sleep!

Nothing could eliminate the gloomy feelings she had in her heart. Perhaps, the plane had kind intentions when it increased the luck on her body.


If she talked about it anymore, she’d cry.

Ning Shu continued to think about it. She should live her life as the entrustor, especially when counterattacking for them.


That external help also wasn’t her fault.

She should just sleep.

Ning Shu didn’t know how long she slept before she woke up, feeling much less gloomy.

She told 2333, “I want to see what happened in that world after I left.”

After all, this was the sect that Ning Shu herself had established. She wanted to see it.

“Okay,” said 2333. “This world will follow the events from your counterattack.”

A screen appeared in front of Ning Shu. On the screen was Ning Shu in her death pose. Her clothes already had some dust on them, so she had probably been dead for a while now.

“I’ve just returned to this space, looks like a long time has already passed on their side?” asked Ning Shu.

“The flow of time is different.”

Ning Shu looked at the image on the screen.

Jiang Le pushed open the room’s door and walked in. When he saw the person sitting cross-legged on the couch with her head drooping down, he thought that she was sleeping.

Jiang Le cupped his fist and called, “Master.”

Then, he waited for his master to respond. He had been bowing for a long time but he still didn’t receive any response.

He walked over with furrowed brows and called, “Master.”

Jiang Le reached out a hand and placed a finger under her nostrils. There was no breath. He drew his hand back at once with a shocked expression.

He pursed his lips tightly and the light in his eyes flickered.

Jiang Le didn’t leave to tell the others that the sect leader had passed away. Instead, he knelt down in front of the corpse and kowtowed three times. Then, he grabbed the sky splitting axe from beside the corpse.

The sky splitting axe was very heavy. Adding on the fact that Jiang Le hadn’t refined it himself, it was very strenuous for him to pick it up.

Jiang Le looked at the sky splitting axe in his hand, and a smile appeared on his face. He turned towards the corpse and said, “Master, this disciple will definitely take the sect you established to the greatest height of development.”

Jiang Le reached out and touched the corpse’s head. The corpse immediately dissolved into ashes. Jiang Le said, “But Master, your era is already over.”

This fellow!

Once Ning Shu watched to this point, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

Back when she had been wondering whether or not she should accept Jiang Le as a disciple, she had deliberated over it repeatedly. After deliberating over it for a long time, she finally decided to accept him.

Seeing this kind of result today, Ning Shu faintly had a premonition of sorts.

Jiang Le was ambitious and ruthless by nature. As long as he was given a ladder that reached up to the sky, he would be able to climb the ladder all the way up into the heavens.

Jiang Le, who had gained the sky splitting axe, very quickly refined it. Then, he convened a sect general assembly and declared himself Longevity Sect’s sect leader as he held the sky splitting axe.

Quite a few people were puzzled as to where their master went. The explanation Jiang Le gave was that Master and Elder Qing Yue had left together to seek a higher plane.

Qing Yue had already disappeared a while ago. Now, not only had the divine guardian artifact landed in Jiang Le’s hands, he was also the head disciple, and his strength was the highest among them. There was nothing wrong about him inheriting the sect leader’s position.

Jiang Le paid his respects to this founding master ‘Ning Shu’s’ portrait, and officially became Longevity Sect’s sect leader.

Translator: Lili

#LiLi’s comments: Wow, what an ending… Jiang Le though. 😅 And okey-doke~ So this is the end of the arc (according to the chapter count). So LiLi’s work for this arc is done here~~~ See you guys in my next arc!

Editor: Emi

#Emi’s comments: Omg this has been such a wild ride haha. Jiang Le was a cheeky brat till the end, but I have a feeling he might appear again later (^▽^) Now off we go to the next arc~!

TLC: Kaho

#Kaho’s comment: Tysm for the hard work LiLi and Emi~ (♡°▽°♡)

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