QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1359

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Chapter 1359: Were These Actually Pills?

After Jiang Le tidied up the room, he came out and told Ning Shu, “Master, the room has been cleaned up.”

Ning Shu glanced at Jiang Le and nodded. “You’ve worked hard.”

Qing Yue took the lead in entering the room. Ning Shu also followed behind him, sizing up the room. It was very simple, but at least it could be considered clean.

“I’ll go cook,” said Jiang Le.

Ning Shu waved her hand and said, “No need. I have a lot of fasting pills.”

She took out a bottle and tossed it to Jiang Le. He hurriedly caught it and poured out a few fasting pills. Then, he looked at the pills in his palm.

Jiang Le was speechless. Were these actually pills? How come every pill had a different shape? Shouldn’t pills be smooth, round, and brimming with spiritual energy?

Naturally, Ning Shu saw Jiang Le’s expression, and her heart became filled with all kinds of discontent and curses. She coughed and said, “Although they don’t look pretty, the effect is still the same. There’s no difference once they enter your stomach.”

“Many thanks, Master.” Jiang Le accepted the pills and knelt down in front of Ning Shu. “Master, please accept this one as your disciple officially.”

Ning Shu had an indifferent expression on her face as she stuffed a fasting pill in her mouth. She didn’t speak.

Jiang Le kowtowed again. “Master, please accept this disciple.”

Ning Shu pointed at Qing Yue. “Why do you want me to be your master? He’s even stronger than me.”

Jiang Le took one glance at Qing Yue before lowering his gaze. “I don’t think his cultivation method is suitable for me.”

This little brat was pretty smart.

Ning Shu curled her lip. “He has a lot of treasures on him. Maybe there’s a cultivation method suitable for you.”

“This disciple feels that only Master’s cultivation method is suitable,” said Jiang Le. “The demonic energy clashes with the spiritual energy within my body, making me unable to cultivate at all.”

Ning Shu: →_→

So this little brat had come for her Unsurpassable Martial Arts. Since Ning Shu wanted to open a sect, she was planning to pass down her Unsurpassable Martial Arts, but she felt that this Jiang Le’s moral conduct was no good.

After all, this was a matter of taking in a head disciple here. In the future, this fellow might end up trying to kill her.

Anyone could tell at a glance that this guy was the type that frickin’ wanted to destroy the world and retaliate against society. His heart had turned black and become filled with resentment due to all the malice he had suffered.

If he had power to do as he wished, it would simply be a big catastrophe.

Ning Shu said, “I’m a person who wants to save the world. You should save it with me.”

Jiang Le was stunned. ‘What the hell?’ was written all over his face.

Then, Jiang Le said, “This disciple will follow in Master’s footsteps.”

Ning Shu grinned. Did he really think that she didn’t know his true thoughts?

However, Ning Shu still planned on accepting Jiang Le as her disciple.

She tidied up her clothes, coughed, and said, “I can accept you as my disciple, but you must abide by my rules. There’s only one. You can’t willfully slaughter the innocent.”

Jiang Le immediately said, “This disciple will definitely bear the sect rules in mind.” He had originally wanted to serve Ning Shu some tea, but the water he left to boil wasn’t hot enough yet, so he offered the fasting pills that Ning Shu had given him back to her.

Ning Shu: …

“Master, what will the sect be called?” asked Jiang Le.

Ning Shu said, “It will be called Sun Moon Divine School.”

Qing Yue shook his head. “It doesn’t sound good. Since the reason you want to establish a sect is to let people of your kind stand tall and live peacefully, you should put some work into the sect name. Pure in essence, stark in strength. Heaven runs diligently, two states in constant obedience of nature’s law. Hence there’s the saying, longevity favors those who do no egoistic self-preservation. How about Longevity Sect?”

Ning Shu smiled. In the end, you’re the one who’s more cultured.

Translator: Lili

#LiLi’s comments: Hahahaha Jiang Le doesn’t want her fasting pills either! Looks are really so important.

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

#Kaho’s comment: Tru dat XDXD

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