QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1297

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Chapter 1297: Touch Ning Shu with Sincerity

Jing Shaoze’s heart was currently filled with complaints so Ye Xi’s timing was extremely bad.

“Would you die without me?” roared Jing Shaoze in an irritated tone. “Just stay in the house and don’t go anywhere! I won’t be visiting you for the time being!”

Jing Shaoze then hung up.

At the other end, Ye Xi was holding the phone, completely taken aback. Then her face crumpled and her tears overflowed.

She was a mistress without any dignity, a mistress who could be summoned and dismissed at will.

Jing Shaoze had always treated her like she was dispensable, but she had fallen in love with this heartless man.

The entire Jing family was very worried, but Ning Shu was living very comfortably.

In the Ni family, she could do whatever she wanted and sleep as much as she’d like. She didn’t have to go downstairs with Jing Shaoze every morning like she had in the Jing family.

Back there, if she didn’t wake up on time, Jing Shaoze’s mother would start complaining that she was still lazing about in bed even though her husband had already woken up.

Furthermore, she could do whatever she wanted. It was truly a luxurious, carefree life.

The Ni family parents treated her very well, for fear that she’d be sad because of the divorce.

When Ning Shu saw how affectionate the Ni family parents were towards her, she felt that the original host should come back. After all, she had a family that cared about her so much. It’d be pretty good to come back and spend more time with the Ni family parents.

There was no need to give up her wonderful life because of Jing Shaoze, because of someone completely irrelevant.

The date of the court session had been set. It would start in half a month.

Jing Shaoze would come to the Ni family every day to find Ning Shu in order to make his stance clear. He said that there was no way he’d agree to get divorced.

He was doing his all to save this marriage.

Ning Shu didn’t even let Jing Shaoze in the door. If he wanted to shout at the gates, he could feel free to. She closed the windows and the noise immediately decreased.

It was the middle of summer so it was extremely hot outside. Ning Shu felt very comfortable enjoying the AC indoors.

Jing Shaoze kept shouting outside until his mouth was completely dry. The sun’s rays were so strong that he was on the brink of panting like a dog.

However, he persisted and kept coming to the Ni family every day, trying to touch Ning Shu with his sincerely.

But Ning Shu, who was practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts while enjoying the AC, was unaware of any of this. What sincerity?

After running for a few days straight, Jing Shaoze finally collapsed. He had gotten heatstroke.

Father Ni called Jing Shaoze’s father and directly said, “Your son’s fainted. If you don’t come and get him, I’ll be throwing him out in the middle of the street. If he gets run over, that’s your problem.”

Jing Shaoze’s father was naturally aware of what Jing Shaoze had been up to. However, he allowed Jing Shaoze to do this and make a fool of himself.

As of now, Father Ni was determined to draw a clear line between his family and the Jing family. They were seriously too disgusting.

Jing Shaoze was brought home and put on an IV drip so he couldn’t make a scene at the Ni family anymore.

Jing Shaoze once again witnessed Ning Shu’s ruthlessness. From beginning to end, she didn’t show her face even once. He had fainted from heatstroke, but she didn’t even say a word.

How could a person change so fast?

“Your heart doesn’t hurt?” asked Ni Yan as he looked towards Ning Shu. “He’s been coming here every day, aren’t you touched?”

Ning Shu scoffed, “Men just love to use these tricks to make women feel heartache for them and compromise.”

Ni Yan lifted his eyebrows. “They say that the heart of a man is like iron, but when a woman hardens her heart, she can also turn out to be pretty ruthless.”

Ning Shu curled her lips slightly in disdain. It was fine no matter what a man was like, but the moment a woman became a little determined to do something, they were labeled as ruthless and heartless?

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