QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1386

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Chapter 1386: For My Son, I’m Willing

Zhang Jiasen just watched as Ning Shu disappeared with an indifferent expression, then turned to walk away.

When Ning Shu got back to the system space, she sat down on the sofa to recite the heart-clearing chant. Zhang Jiasen seriously made her want to vomit blood.

Did he really think she was that naïve? That the faith halo that could block all curses that she had spent so much faith points to exchange for was a fake?

Good thing she had immediately exchanged for the faith halo that could guard against all curses right after suffering that time as the female emperor. However, she hadn’t expected for Zhang Jiasen to be the first to test its effects.

This bitch definitely wanted revenge. Back then, she had driven him to commit suicide. He had even killed off the innocent Miao Miaomiao, so there was no way he would let this go.

Ning Shu felt a bit smug. The love’s thread was destroyed, so he had wasted his points. He completely deserved it!

Ning Shu didn’t plan to do the next task yet. Her mood still hadn’t recovered from what happened last time.

She took a book from the shelf and started reading it intently. After she finished, she put it back on the shelf.

Ning Shu then picked up the watering can to water the bright potted plants, but afterwards she still felt uncomfortable, so she simply lay down on the bed to sleep.

After sleeping her fill, she sat up on the sofa and said to 2333, “Let’s meet the entrustor of the next task.”

“Alright.” As soon as 2333 finished speaking, a woman appeared in the space.

The woman had short curly hair and was about fifty years old.

Ning Shu was a little surprised. It was the first time she met such an old client.

“My name is Yang Ziyi. I want you to help me counterattack,” said Yang Ziyi to Ning Shu, “You’re so young…”

Yang Ziyi looked a little skeptical. “Are you the task-taker?”

Ning Shu nodded. “You must pay a price to counterattack. You’ll have to offer up your soul energy. Are you sure you want to counterattack?”

Yang Ziyi was silent for a moment, then she nodded and said, “For my son, I’m willing.”

Ning Shu asked again to be sure, “Are you certain you want to counterattack?”

“I’m certain,” said Yang Ziyi.

When Ning Shu heard that Yang Ziyi’s son was the target of the task, she nodded, “I’ll take this task.”

Yang Ziyi’s soul disappeared from the system space.

Ning Shu took a deep breath, then said, “Let’s start the task.”

“Ok.” As soon as 2333 finished speaking, Ning Shu felt a bout of dizziness.

Once she finished adjusting to the body, before she even opened her eyes, she heard the thumping sounds in the next room. The steps were so loud the floors seem to be vibrating.

Ning Shu’s heart seemed to burn with anger. She was extremely irritated.

She silently recited the heart-clearing chant.

Her entire body seemed to be covered with sweat. It was very uncomfortable.

Her entire body felt uncomfortable and she felt very irritable. On top of that, she was having heart palpitations. These were definitely symptoms of menopause.

Heavens. It sucked when the period came, but sucked even more when it didn’t come.

She continued reciting the heart-clearing chant until her heart felt calmer, then started receiving the storyline.

Yang Ziyi was a single mother. She had divorced her husband before they even married for seven years. Yang Ziyi’s husband was the kind of person who only met his true love after he got married. He met a kind of true love that was pure and not pretentious, unlike the faded old woman at home.

He was willing to pay a large amount of alimony to divorce Yang Ziyi, and allowed Yang Ziyi to keep the child. Then he went to marry his true love happily.

He would send living expenses to Yang Ziyi and his son Wang Bo every month.

Yang Ziyi was the type who was rather kind… Well, she couldn’t be said to be kind, she was more of the submissive and timid type of person. She lived alone with her six-year-old son and hadn’t remarried despite all these years.

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